The CBC continues to operate in a wasteful, bias manner serving the socialist left wing mandate only while continuing to lose viewers and advertising revenues. Scandals continue. An unsettling, ugly anti Semitic movement has grown in the CBC News operation, history experts will know that this troubling bias can have devastating results for our country. Act now- contact your MP, the PMO and the CBC to stop this frightening socialist anti Semitic driven bias now.

Disgruntled CBC workers continue to confidentially share their stories with us, reports of management snooping, waste, huge salaries for select senior management, content bias, low employee morale continue in 2019 and we will expose these activities in our blog while protecting our whistleblower contacts. We take joy in knowing that the CBC-HQ visits us daily to spy on us, read our stories and to find out who owns our for the Canadian people blog.

One of our most popular posts continues to be the epic Dr. Leenen case against the Fifth Estate (the largest libel legal case ever awarded against the media in Canadian history) yet where no one at CBC was fired and taxpayers paid the huge award and legal costs for this blatant CBC Libel action. Writers and filmmakers -this is a Perfect story for an award winning Documentary -ok - who would fund it and where would it air since the CBC owns the Documentary channel! Can you help? Please contact us.

cbcExposed continues to enjoy substantial visitors coming from Universities and Colleges across Canada who use us for research in debates, exams, etc.

We ask students to please join with us in this mission; you have the power to make a difference! And so can private broadcasters who we know are hurting from the dwindling Advertising revenue pool and the CBC taking money from that pool while also unfairly getting massive Tax subsidies money. It's time to stop being silent and start speaking up Bell-CTV, Shaw-Global, Rogers, etc.

Our cbcExposed Twitter followers and visitors to cbcExposed continue to motivate us to expose CBC’s abuse and waste of tax money as well as exposing their ongoing left wing bully-like anti-sematic news bias. Polls meanwhile show that Canadians favour selling the wasteful government owned media giant and to put our tax money to better use for all Canadians. The Liberals privatized Petro Canada and Air Canada; it’s time for the Trudeau Liberals to privatize the CBC- certainly not give them more of our tax money-enough is enough!

The CBC network’s ratings continue to plummet while their costs and our taxpayer bailout subsidies continue to go up! In 2019 what case can be made for the Government to be in the broadcasting business, competing unfairly with the private sector? The CBC receives advertising and cable/satellite fees-fees greater than CTV and Global but this is not enough for the greedy CBC who also receive more than a billion dollars of your tax money every year. That’s about $100,000,000 (yes, $100 MILLION) of our taxes taken from your pay cheques every 30 days and with no CBC accountability to taxpayers.

Wake up! What does it take for real change at the CBC? YOU! Our blog contains a link to the Politicians contact info for you to make your voice heard. Act now and contact your MP, the Cabinet and Prime Minister ... tell them to stop wasting your money on a biased, failing media service, and ... sell the CBC.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

CBC greatly interferes with the business success of its commercial competitors

In the 1930s, to foster greater unity of national news in the face of U.S. competition, we needed a national medium. Not any more: we now have several radio, television and print media in Canada, all desperate for advertising money that the CBC absorbs both on and off the internet.

The CBC now controls several radio stations, a swarm of television stations and television news feeds, and internet broadcasts. It greatly interferes with the business success of its commercial competitors at the expense of taxpayers and thereby denies us effective contrary opinions. Its $1.8-billion annual federal government grant, plus income from television and internet advertising, gives it too much control of the news.

At the very least, the annual grant should be equally distributed to all Canadian media. 

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

CBC loves to claim how much they’re beating their competitors

The Post Millennial – which yours truly is proud to write articles for – has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing news and opinion outlets.

It features what you see in most online outlets today, a mix of news and opinion content.

And notably, it’s not taxpayer funded, refusing to force Canadian taxpayers to subsidize it.

And, as was pointed out on Twitter, the CBC loves to claim how much they’re beating their competitors, while neglecting the fact that CBC is federally funded.

This appears to be a classic case of projection by the CBC. In reality, they are a state-run ‘Liberal Pamphleteering’ outlet, and (while there are rare exceptions like Robyn Urback), mostly totally dominated by Liberal sentiment.

Consider how, just as the Liberals started pushing more of their anti-Conservative climate fear-mongering, CBC started running endless climate change segments that basically repeated Liberal talking points word for word.

And consider how, in their biased attack on The Post Millennial, they cited a supposed ‘expert’ without mentioning that he was… wait for it… a former CBC Executive Producer.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Where is CBCs credibility?

Where is the CBCs credibility after running this story.

 Democrats demand Kavanaugh be impeached over new sexual misconduct allegations

Major news organizations in the United States have either had to issue corrections to their story or have simply refused to run it. 

The Washington Post has revealed it passed on a questionable story about Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh back in 2018 because it "could not independently corroborate the allegation" and key figures didn't cooperate. The story, about a sexual assault allegedly committed by Kavanaugh during the 1983-84 school year at Yale, was published Saturday by The New York Times, which was forced to issue a correction to the article the next day.

Does the CBC know what's going on better in the United States than USA news organizations?

Where is the credibility?

Monday, September 16, 2019

CBC likes to spin government funding

The CBC has consistently lost market share to their private rivals that do not benefit from a taxpayer subsidy. This fact alone dictates that people have voted with their television remotes already. 

The CBC likes to spin the government funding they receive (a fairly substantial $1.16 billion) by saying that it creates 3x that much for the Canadian economy. My response is that a private company could take those assets and do even better for the Canadian economy as a whole (as evidenced by their already more efficient business models). 

In addition to losing out to their television adversaries, the CBC has been rendered much less irreplaceable in terms of a news source to a majority of Canadians because of the internet and cheap satellite TV capabilities. There are almost no isolated communities that solely depend on the CBC any longer, and I challenge people to find me more than a handful of Canadians under 25 who watch the CBC at all.

Read more here.

Friday, September 13, 2019

CBC's racist comment sections spark debate

Online discussions of aboriginal issues in Canada can become so vitriolic that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) decided earlier this week to temporarily close comments on stories about indigenous people. Brodie Fenlon, acting director of digital news, said that while many topics incite problematic discussion, the number of comments that descend into hate speech and personal attacks are disproportionately higher on stories related to indigenous issues.

It’s a significant move for the CBC, which, as a publicly funded corporation, faces pressure to maintain an open space for democratic discussion. 

Read the full story here.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

CBC competitors paying taxes that subsidize their competition

Online is where it's at. There, CBC/Radio Canada goes toe to toe with traditional broadcasters and newspapers fighting for readers, viewers, listeners and, most of all, dollars. That's where it sows. And that's where it reaps.

And that's where, if something needs to be "done" about CBC — which, in both the online and television worlds, is a full-blown commercial operator — it should be done.

The nation's television broadcasting world has forever been distorted by the existence of a publicly-funded entity such as CBC that competes not only for viewers but for advertising income. It has always been entirely unfair to the private sector that its own tax dollars are used to compete against it.

Publicly-funded radio may compete with the private sector for listeners but never for money.

About 40 per cent of Canada's advertising dollars are spent online, making that medium by far the most dominant, followed by TV a good 10 points behind, then radio and newspapers. That means that by employing an aggressive online strategy, CBC now competes for a share of about 70 per cent of the advertising dollars at play in the market.

So newspapers, radio and other internet platforms are now, in addition to television companies, paying taxes that subsidize their competition to their detriment.

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

CBCs Baseless Speculation is Fake News

In the report below, CBC tried hinting – with ZERO evidence – that there was link between the timing of Maxime Bernier’s tweets, and a far-right rally in the US:

CBC makes the ‘link’ without any proof, engaging in baseless speculation. It’s a clear example of Fake News.

See the full story here.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Share your concerns about a CBC News report

Every Canadian is entitled to accuracy, balance and integrity in CBC’s journalism, and CBC recognizes your right to hold us accountable for the quality of our News coverage.

If you have concerns regarding the facts or views featured in a CBC News story – be it online or on air – you can share your feedback in the following ways:
  • Contact us and we’ll relay your comments to the appropriate journalists and editors at CBC News
  • Submit typographical or factual errors directly to the story reporter and editors through the “Report Typo or Error” link located at the bottom of the online story featured on
  • Questions or comments regarding a local story should be directed to your regional newsroom 
  • Concerns regarding journalistic balance and integrity in CBC's news and information programs can be directed to the CBC Ombudsman
More information can be found here.

And of course you can always contact us as well!!

Monday, September 09, 2019

CBC is a Propaganda Tool for the Left Wing Social Activists

The tax supported CBC is a tool for left wing social activists to indoctrinate the Canadian public.

It collects $1.7 billion each year from the federal government to promote its left wing ideological objective which most definitely does not reflect the views of most Canadians. It does so, even though the Broadcasting Act, which was updated in September, 2018, specifically states in Section 3(l)(i) that broadcasters are required to provide a balance of information and in Section 3(l)(iv) that the CBC must provide a reasonable opportunity for the Canadian public to be exposed to differing views on matters of public concern. The CBC is operating outside its mandate.

Former CBC President, Hubert Lacroix, and current President, Catherine Tait, have ignored the Broadcast Act and have allowed the CBC to promote only left wing propaganda programming. They have had no hesitation in doing so since the CBC is assured that the Liberal government will continue to fund its operation, regardless of its bias, or perhaps because of it.

A recent example of CBC’s intolerance to differing views took place on September 23, 2018, when it interviewed former Conservative leadership candidate, Maxime Bernier, who has formed his own political party, the People’s Party of Canada. Regardless of one’s opinion of Mr. Bernier, he should never have been exposed to such a derogatory and insulting interview as took place when rabidly partisan journalist, Wendy Mesley, interviewed him. She lobbed ideologically loaded grenades at him, insinuating that he was part of a vast right wing conspiracy. Ms. Mesley’s contempt for Mr. Bernier and his views, are similar to that exhibited by another CBC journalist, Rosemary Barton, when she interviews individuals with conservative values.

A network should fire such journalists for their unprofessional behaviour, but the CBC supports such behaviour as do most other mainstream media.

Read the rest of the story here.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Why is publicly tax funded CBC anti-Semitic?

On August 29, CBC Radio aired a report by Beirut-based freelance reporter Rebecca Collard that portrayed Israel as the aggressor in recent hostilities with Hezbollah and which failed to mention any of Israel’s security concerns about the grievous threat that Iranian-sponsored terror group poses.

Untold by Ms. Collard (and we strenuously take issue with her failure to include the following context) Israel says its attack in Syria was a pre-emptive strike against Iranian Quds Force operatives who were about to carry out an imminent attack on Israel by launching killer attack drones.

The troubling lack of context and omission of Israel’s legitimate security concerns, unfairly depicted Israel as the aggressor.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

CBC broadcast was devastatingly defamatory

The defendant CBC produced an hour-long television program which examined questions raised in the medical scientific community about the safety of heart medications known as Calcium Channel Blockers, particularly one called nifedipine.

The plaintiff, a doctor and research scientist, was interviewed. He brought an action for damages for defamation, alleging that the program, and the manner in which his interview was edited, created the innuendoes that he supported the prescribing of killer drugs; that he was in a conflict of interest; that he was receiving a pay-off or kickback from a leading pharmaceutical company; and that he acted negligently or dishonestly as the chairman of the ad hoc advisory committee of HPB.

The trial judge found that the words complained of did actually bear those meanings and that the broadcast was devastatingly defamatory of the plaintiff.

The trial judge concluded that this was as serious a libel as could be imagined. The defendants never apologized. Rather, to the very end, and throughout the trial, there was an uncompromising defence of their activities. The trial judge awarded $400,000 for general damages, aggravated damages totalling $350,000, and punitive damages totalling $200,000, for a total of $950,000.

Read the full case here.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Taking exception to CBC allegations

Earlier this week CBC published an article regarding a couple that is being investigated for immigration fraud. Rather than using an image of the couple being investigated, the lead image in the story prominently featured a photo of Doug, Gloria and other members of our staff. Further, the article alleges that individuals from Knight Archer Insurance were complicit in the scheme.

We take exception to the allegations in the article and are disappointed in the lack of care and attention shown by the CBC in its representation of Knight Archer. We can confirm that neither Knight Archer nor Gloria Archer are under any investigation with regards to the immigration fraud case. Instead, Gloria has been called as a witness for the prosecution in the case against the immigration consultant. We have and will continue to offer our full cooperation to the authorities as the case proceeds to trial.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

CBC - Mother Station or Media Terrorist?

In the fall of 2015, CBC’s Marketplace commissioned lab testing on samples of fish oil, vitamin C and protein powder supplements, part of an investigation to determine whether consumers were getting what they paid for when purchasing natural health products. Based on those results, Marketplace reported that five of the products did not contain what was indicated on the label. The manufacturers strongly disputed the results and demanded the testing be re-done.

Turns out, the re-test found the original results to be false and the CBC issued a retraction. I found the entire situation – the intent of the story, the failing of the evidence, and the retraction – confusing. Clearly, the CBC wouldn’t have done the story unless they were determined to find something untoward? But why? For what reason would the CBC try to sell Canadians doubt about natural health? Don’t most Canadians understand that natural, preventative health practices and products are of huge benefit to us, individually, and – collectively, in terms of reduction of health care costs?

In 2017, HANS was sharing office space with another natural health nonprofit – Pure North S’Energy.

Every day I witnessed extraordinary extensions of kindness, compassion and love, from the Pure North staff to the patients.

That July two years ago, Pure North S’Energy was strategically attacked by the CBC through radio, television, print and online, based on the allegation that an elderly woman (uninjured) was over-prescribed Vitamin D at a Calgary clinic.

As a result, Pure North S’Energy Foundation lost their provincial funding. The organization, still operating, is now seeking $6 million in damages from the national broadcaster and two of its reporters, Charles Rusnell and Jennie Russell.

Why would our national broadcaster seek to destroy an organization that deserves to be celebrated?

From there, the CBC’s anti-natural health campaign ramped up. Individual chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, and other practitioners, many friends of HANS, were publicly victimized by way of condescending, invalidating, misleading terminology and accusations. The CBC’s approach to natural health indicated something much more sinister than a mere media bias.

Read the full story here.

Friday, August 30, 2019

CBC Exposed is a call to action

CBC Exposed is a book like no other.

This book takes on the holy grail of the Canadian media landscape and lays bare the truth about CBC.

Reckless reporting at the state broadcaster has ruined lives and cost taxpayers millions upon millions in settlement costs yet no one has ever been held to account.

This book does what the consensus media cowards are afraid to do, tell the truth about CBC.

From reporting driven by vendettas to outright biases against conservatives, gun owners, Israel and any other group that doesn't fit their vision of Canada, CBC Exposed is a call to action to rein in this broadcasting giant.

Once you read this book you too will be convinced that the only way to tame the beast is to sell it.

Look for it here.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

CBC runs fake news poll as political propaganda

Oh boy, did the CBC screw up the other day:

Huge factual error, clear attempt to interfere with an election. Disinformation, meddling, fake news.

The sort of things they accuse others of doing.

The CBC has a series they call “Fact Check," so they can pretend they’re a referee, not a player, in the game of political manipulation.

By “fact check” the CBC means — Be the Liberal war room: Discredit enemies of Justin Trudeau, by digging up, say, an economist who disagrees with a conservative.

That's not fact-checking. That's just arguing.

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

CBC story is recklessly false

I like the writer, but this story is a pile of anti-Israel horse****.

In particular:
  • The story simply does not back up the shocker of a headline, that the federal government is “threatening” critics of Israel with criminal charges.  The screed is loaded with phrases and words like “could,” “would be,” “if,” “appears,” and so on.  There is no proof, anywhere, that Ottawa has charged a single person or group.
  • And that raises another factual error: to prosecute a hate crime, you first need the approval of the provincial Attorney General – not “Ottawa.”
  • That’s not all.  The CBC piece even alleges that groups and individuals are under illegal surveillance, without offering an iota of proof.
And so on, and so on.

I’m no fan of the leadership of the lead lobbyists for the Canada-Israel cause, to say the least.  

But this CBC tale is unfair and inaccurate, and the CBC should acknowledge as much.

See more here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

CBC coverage given scathing critique by CBC ombudsman

The Insurance Bureau of Canada’s decades-long campaign to raise alarms about the ravages of floods continued last week with an appearance by Blair Feltmate, a favourite star climate-change witness for the biggest insurers, at the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s annual meeting. Feltmate heads the industry-funded Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at Waterloo University, which claims climate change has triggered a surge in flood events in recent years.

Robert Muir, an Ontario municipal engineer and member of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, complained to the CBC ombudsman, pointing to flaws in Feltmate’s and the insurance lobby group’s claims. He alleged that the CBC report was misrepresenting science and insurance risks.

In his review of Muir’s complaint, the ombudsman delivered a scathing critique of the CBC coverage on its Radio Canada International site, saying that the CBC report had “failed to comply with journalistic standards” in assessing and reporting on the industry’s claims.

Read the full story here.

Monday, August 26, 2019

What is wrong with CBC radio?

I’m not surprised that many of my friends have abandoned CBC Radio. From what I can tell, traditional listeners are leaving in droves.

A friend of mine who’s also a former CBC producer tells me he used to listen to CBC Radio all day. “Now,” he says, “I listen very little. The personal storytelling and victimhood are irritating and are in much of the schedule.”

Critical thought and analysis is limited to non-existent in these programs.

With the CBC strapped for resources, Radio One is sinking a whack of cash into these shows, which instead could be used to add programs that explore major thematic issues week after week.

CBC Radio is fixated on building an audience by providing trivial entertainment. For many managers, numbers are more important than content.

Read the full story here.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Did CBC Just Commit An Act Of Hate Speech?

On January 20, 2017, producers for the CBC program Marketplace printed t-shirts containing racist logos and mottos, including "white power" and "white pride world wide [sic]," and hired a middle-aged white man to stand on a Toronto street to peddle the t-shirts and yell racist slogans. 

Not only is this episode the epitome of so-called "fake news" -- fabricating a story in order to report it -- it's also deeply ironic. By broadcasting this content in Alberta, the CBC likely violated Alberta's hate speech law.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Absenteeism rife at CBC

Canadians paid nearly $18 million in one year for CBC employees who failed to show up to work.

According to the document, CBC employees were absent from work an average of 16.5 days. Statistics Canada figures in the report show public sector workers took an average of 12.6 days off while private sector workers took 8.9 days.

The report cites mental disorders as the leading cause of absenteeism (31% of all short-term absences and 44.6% of all long-term absences). The second leading cause was listed as "musculoskeletal problems."

Read more here.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

CBC Claim is False

The CBC’s flagship National newscast recently reported distorted facts and ignored relevant material on the crisis in Venezuela. The result created a false moral equivalence between the democratic opposition trying to bring in desperately-needed aid and the brutal dictatorship of Nicol├ís Maduro that’s blocking food from getting to starving people.

CBC is selective with facts. It approvingly quotes Amnesty International saying U.S. sanctions on Venezuela’s oil “will surely hurt on the streets” but had not a bad word for the regime, which has inflicted massive human suffering.

In reality, oil money failed to reach “the streets” for years before the recent U.S. sanctions.

If anything, U.S. sanctions may deprive corrupt officials and the men with guns of some of their luxuries. But, and this must be emphasized, the CBC claim that food is not getting to the streets because of the U.S. is false.

This is not news and analysis, but spin to create a false equivalence while ignoring facts that directly contradict the spin.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

How can CBC “unite” a country by attacking a faith

My relationship with the CBC as a listener ended about a decade ago when, during the course of a weekend’s air- time on Radio One, I heard veteran broadcaster Michael Enright make a series of crude anti-Irish jokes that might have provoked a few titters at an Orange Lodge, or been unremarkable banter in polite company almost a century ago, when Toronto was known as the Belfast of Canada.

I won’t bother unpacking the casual and time-honoured code that makes an Irish joke, by inference, a Catholic joke. There’s no point, since Enright has been quite forthright in his dislike of the Church, going back before the 1997 Globe and Mail article where he called it “the greatest criminal organization outside the mafia.” There’s probably some tortured back story here, as Enright went to the same private Catholic boys’ school I attended, but that’s also besides the point.

What is important is that there were thirteen million Catholics in Canada when Enright made his comment. One of the fondest refrains of the defenders of the CBC is that the national broadcaster “unites the country.” It’s a phrase used by Elizabeth May and the Green Party and by the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, the interest group whose prime function is to refute attacks on the CBC in the public arena. It’s a strange institution that can “unite” a country by attacking the faith of over a third of its citizens.

Read the full story here.

Monday, August 19, 2019

CBC has assigned itself the job of fact-checker

CBC has assigned itself the job of fact-checker. But who fact-checks the fact-checkers?

“As part of our federal election coverage,” its website self-importantly declares, “CBC News is assessing the truthfulness, accuracy and plausibility of statements made by politicians and their parties.” Yes, the government-financed and government-owned broadcaster has assigned its very own self the job of assessing the “truthfulness, accuracy and plausibility” of politicians running for the Parliament that determines its budget.

Read the full story here.

Friday, August 16, 2019

CBC should engage in fact checking

Environmental filmmaker Andrew Nisker who calls himself an environmental activist, probes the manicured world of golf seeking answers to his many questions about the cause of a particular cancer and the source.

On Thursday March 2, 2017 at 8 PM on CBC-TV a documentary from The Nature of Things with David Suzuki called “Dad and the Dandelions” questions a connection between playing golf and cancer.

Cancer and the causes are very complex and to target golf courses specifically in a world where anything can be toxic is a stretch. In this world of “Fake News” CBC should engage in some fact checking to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of a story before going to air.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

CBC acknowledges false claim

CBC News has apologized for spreading false information about the Covington Catholic School students two months after the network first reported on it.

In January, CBC reported that after the Washington, DC March for Life, a group of students made an offensive chant in the face of a Native American protester, categorizing the students as “teenage bullies.”

The CBC is now acknowledging this claim was false.

Seeing that its false reporting caused significant damage to the students and spread a false narrative to the public, It remains unclear why CBC would so eagerly report on unverified claims in the first place.

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

CBC As It Happens Faces Serious Allegations

CBC Radio’s flagship current affairs program As It Happens is known for its aggressive accountability journalism and for asking unflinching questions, sometimes posed to the CBC itself. This past winter, As It Happens producers began approaching the CBC’s union, the Canadian Media Guild, with serious workplace complaints. Soon, CMG Toronto President Naomi Robinson compiled a list of 21 allegations from “about a dozen” current and former As It Happens producers. No official union grievances were filed.

This document, taken from an email sent by Robinson, was provided to CANADALAND by two sources who asked to stay confidential to protect their careers.

We spoke to seven current and former employees of As It Happens, all of them aware that human resources was reviewing the program. One of them was surprised about the severity of the allegations, but six others said they were familiar with the problems on the show.

None of the seven sources allowed us to use their names or include specific stories, fearing reprisal from the CBC. Speaking on background, we have confirmed the personal experiences they describe are in line with the complaints outlined in Robinson’s email. One said As It Happens “can be an abusive, terrible, manipulative workplace.”

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How the CBC lost Hockey Night in Canada

From the initial radio broadcast with play-by-play by Foster Hewitt in 1926 to the move to television in the early 1950s, Hockey Night in Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation were inseparable — until 2013, when Rogers Communications won the exclusive rights to broadcast NHL games in Canada in a 12-year, $5.2-billion deal.

How the CBC lost Hockey Night in Canada — and all the ways Rogers's big win went wrong — are detailed in Globe & Mail reporter David Shoalts's book, Hockey Fight in Canada: The Big Media Face Off Over the NHL.

According to Shoalts, the CBC didn't consider Rogers a threat — and it showed when then-CBC President Hubert Lacroix didn't attend negotiations with NHL's Commissioner Gary Bettman and Operating Officer John Collins.

Read the full story here.

Monday, August 12, 2019

CBC continues to report their competitors’ scoops often without credit

The public sees the slow dance between legacy media like the CBC and the Trudeau government. It’s right there in plain view, under a spotlight. It’s almost romantic.

Over the last few years, the organization seems to have moved more towards becoming an America obsessed news and entertainment platform hungry for advertising-driven content, rather than a wholesome public broadcaster out to tell the Canadian story.

As a result, I would even argue, the CBC has become destructive to the media ecosystem as a whole. Even with a $1 billion in annual grants, the CBC continues to report their competitors’ scoops often without credit, according to Canadaland.

When mistakes are not being made, and scooped competitors not going uncited, the CBC appears to be stuck making content which simply fails to grab the imagination of most Canadians.

Read the full story here.

Friday, August 09, 2019

CBC spends more time on US story than Canadian story

While Canada was in the middle of a nation-wide manhunt, CBC News spent far more time talking about the Robert Mueller hearings in the United States on social media.

According to our findings, on average, the Canadian public broadcaster dedicated approximately 26% of its social media posts for this day towards the Mueller hearings, while only 14% of that day’s content was on the Canadian manhunt.

According to these numbers, the channel dedicated over 88% of its video length towards the Mueller hearing, while only about 5% of the day’s video content was on the Canada-wide search, while a little over 6% was the rest of the day’s stories.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, August 08, 2019

CBC acknowledges missteps

CBC ’s The National acknowledges missteps and looks to retool — while pledging to keep its four hosts.

The public broadcaster ’s flagship national news cast has attracted an average of 401,000 viewers nightly on the main CBC -TV network over the 2018-19 television season , down sharply from the 525,000 average number of viewers who tuned in for Mansbridge’s final season as news anchor

Viewers, as well as employees at the CBC, are still trying to figure out the show.

Read the full story here.