The CBC continues to operate in a wasteful, bias manner serving the socialist left wing mandate only while continuing to lose viewers and advertising revenues. Scandals continue. An unsettling, ugly anti Semitic movement has grown in the CBC News operation, history experts will know that this troubling bias can have devastating results for our country. Act now- contact your MP, the PMO and the CBC to stop this frightening socialist anti Semitic driven bias now.

Disgruntled CBC workers continue to confidentially share their stories with us, reports of management snooping, waste, huge salaries for select senior management, content bias, low employee morale continue in 2019 and we will expose these activities in our blog while protecting our whistleblower contacts. We take joy in knowing that the CBC-HQ visits us daily to spy on us, read our stories and to find out who owns our for the Canadian people blog.

One of our most popular posts continues to be the epic Dr. Leenen case against the Fifth Estate (the largest libel legal case ever awarded against the media in Canadian history) yet where no one at CBC was fired and taxpayers paid the huge award and legal costs for this blatant CBC Libel action. Writers and filmmakers -this is a Perfect story for an award winning Documentary -ok - who would fund it and where would it air since the CBC owns the Documentary channel! Can you help? Please contact us.

cbcExposed continues to enjoy substantial visitors coming from Universities and Colleges across Canada who use us for research in debates, exams, etc.

We ask students to please join with us in this mission; you have the power to make a difference! And so can private broadcasters who we know are hurting from the dwindling Advertising revenue pool and the CBC taking money from that pool while also unfairly getting massive Tax subsidies money. It's time to stop being silent and start speaking up Bell-CTV, Shaw-Global, Rogers, etc.

Our cbcExposed Twitter followers and visitors to cbcExposed continue to motivate us to expose CBC’s abuse and waste of tax money as well as exposing their ongoing left wing bully-like anti-sematic news bias. Polls meanwhile show that Canadians favour selling the wasteful government owned media giant and to put our tax money to better use for all Canadians. The Liberals privatized Petro Canada and Air Canada; it’s time for the Trudeau Liberals to privatize the CBC- certainly not give them more of our tax money-enough is enough!

The CBC network’s ratings continue to plummet while their costs and our taxpayer bailout subsidies continue to go up! In 2019 what case can be made for the Government to be in the broadcasting business, competing unfairly with the private sector? The CBC receives advertising and cable/satellite fees-fees greater than CTV and Global but this is not enough for the greedy CBC who also receive more than a billion dollars of your tax money every year. That’s about $100,000,000 (yes, $100 MILLION) of our taxes taken from your pay cheques every 30 days and with no CBC accountability to taxpayers.

Wake up! What does it take for real change at the CBC? YOU! Our blog contains a link to the Politicians contact info for you to make your voice heard. Act now and contact your MP, the Cabinet and Prime Minister ... tell them to stop wasting your money on a biased, failing media service, and ... sell the CBC.

Monday, April 06, 2020

CBC’s viewership is plunging

CBC has one of the biggest advantages ever enjoyed by a ‘media organization.’

Not only are they state-controlled and state-funded, but they also get revenue from private sector ads.

Yet, despite all of their advantages, they’re still failing.

Apparently, if you don’t have content people want to watch, it won’t work out well.

As reported by Blacklocks CBC’s ad revenue is down 53% in the last five years.

A key reason for the loss of ad revenue is because CBC’s viewership is plunging.

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

CBC’s propaganda line is a disgrace

CBC has generated massive outrage with their horrendous ‘coverage’ of Iran shooting down a flight carrying 63 Canadian Citizens.

Despite the obvious fact that Iran is responsible since they are the country that shot down the plane, CBC disgustingly tried to blame the United States:

“In a disgraceful propaganda attempt, CBC is attempting to blame US President Donald Trump for Iran’s shooting down of Flight 752 carrying 63 Canadians.

CBC Reporter Katie Simpson said “63 Canadians dead because of the unintended consequences of a decision made by the US President.”’

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Shame on CBC Host Michael Enright

Shame on CBC Host Michael Enright for using the Corona virus pandemic to criticize Israel and to falsely portray Gaza as the world’s “biggest open-air prison”.

Just last week we reported that CBC Radio host Carol Off used the Corona virus pandemic as an excuse to tacitly criticize Israel. This week, another CBC host, Michael Enright, did the same on his Sunday Edition radio show.

On March 29, Michael Enright declared that Gaza is the world’s biggest open-air prison in a discussion about the affects that the Corona virus is having on impoverished regions around the world and those at states of war.

As is commonly known, Israel and Egypt’s blockade of the Gaza Strip isn’t pretty, but let’s face it, the genocidal Hamas terror organization runs Gaza and it’s committed to the Jewish state’s destruction, it doesn’t recognize Israel’s existence and commits daily terror attacks targeting Israeli innocents. That’s why Gaza has been effectively hermetically sealed by Egypt and Israel as Hamas and its terror partners continue firing rockets and trying to smuggle weapons into the Strip via land, tunnels or by sea.

Naturally, none of this was acknowledged by Enright in his interview with Paul Rogers (pictured right), a U.K. security expert and peace studies professor on geopolitics during the pandemic.

Read the full story here.

Friday, March 27, 2020

REBEL NEWS is staying open

If the CBC is an “essential service” then REBEL NEWS is staying open too! 

Go to for more great Rebel content. Unlike almost all of our mainstream media competitors, Rebel News doesn’t receive any government funding.

The fearless source of news, opinion, and activism that you won't find anywhere else! 

Rebel News is different because of how you, our supporters, participate in shaping everything we do. 

Through a mix of online engagement, commenting, advocacy, and events, we don’t just report the news, we participate in it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

CBC Host Carol Off Uses Corona Virus to Tacitly Criticize Israel

Carol Off, the host of CBC Radio’s “As It Happens” program, is known for her animus towards Israel. It was not surprising to see her show use the Coronva virus pandemic as a pretext to tacitly criticize the Jewish state.

The March 19 broadcast of the program saw Off interview Dr. Tarek Loubani, a notorious anti-Israel activist and self-described Palestinian-Canadian who is working in Gaza to make 3D-printed face shields for COVID-19. According to the CBC: “Dr. Tarek Loubani runs the Glia Project, which produces low-cost medical supplies for impoverished regions.”

In one fell swoop, Loubani assimilated the Corona virus pandemic that has killed thousands, made sick hundreds of thousands, and brought the world to a standstill – to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Naturally, Ms. Off did not challenge this offensive comparison, instead, she described Gaza as “… often a tense conflict zone and it’s a place where he’s (Loubani is) forced to get creative with limited resources. ” and concluded her interview by saying to Loubani: “I admire your courage and you’re into ingenuity.”

Read the full story here.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Just when the CBC could really help Canadians, it lets them down

During the coronavirus crisis, people need to hear about what’s going on in their own communities, from the people they have come to know.

The ability of the CBC to wound itself, to find ways to alienate its audience, reduce its impact, sometimes even drive viewers and listeners away from its services, is a fascinating subject.

I refer to CBC management’s fiat to close down all local supper-hour news shows.

Now instead of the double-band, national plus local, all news will come from the one over-lit and superfluously hosted national studio, as remote as remote can be from the wide, diverse and scattered regions of this great country.

Just when local news in your own region (wherever that is) matters the most, CBC pulls it? Now more than ever, people need to hear what’s going on in their own communities and provinces from the very people, on-air and technical, they have come to know.

Toronto-centric news transmission is not a solution for the CBC; it has always been the problem.

Read the full story here.

Monday, March 16, 2020

HRC Complaint leads to Pro-Israel Analyst Interview

On November 10, CBC Sunday Edition aired a 30-minute anti-Israel invective that centered largely on replacing the world’s only Jewish state with an Arab-majority, Palestinian-run country.

At the time, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with senior executives at CBC News and called on Mr. Enright and The Sunday Edition to invite an Israeli expert onto the program who can strongly articulate Israel’s position on all the controversial and nonsensical issues raised by Noura Erakat.

Fast forward to March 15, The Sunday Edition produced a 30-minute segment with acclaimed Israeli author, commentator and political analyst, Yossi Klein Halevi, a senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute entitled: “How Israel’s politics and peace process became so stalled”.

While the CBC’s interview with Mr. Klein Halevi did not serve as a direct rebuttal to Noura Erekat’s anti-Israel invective, it did nonetheless provide CBC viewers with an informed and nuanced pro-Israel perspective, along with a critical analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israeli politics.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

CBC Seeks Ratings From Uninspiring Game Show

No doubt there’s a multitude of Canadian channel surfers who accidentally find themselves watching CBC’s old-is-new again but supposedly advertiser-friendly, Family Feud Canada, hosted by Gerard Francis Donoghue.

That’s Gerry Dee, for CBC non-watchers, the Toronto gym teacher turned stand-up comedian who has hosted a number of forgettable CBC shows — forgettable because I have never watched one of them to the end.

I do not watch TV for pap. I watch it primarily for the news, and then to be entertained, which has rarely happened on Canada’s national broadcaster.

Family Feud Canada is all about increasing ratings for the CBC.

For me, it’s all about REM sleep. I watch it for a minute or two, then my eyes get heavy, and the next thing I know I am fast asleep and dreaming about rescuing fair maidens from the barbarians.

Read the full story here.

Monday, March 09, 2020

CBC appears to struggle with its own sense of identity

According to their most recent submission to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), CBC/Radio Canada brings in about $300 million in advertising. A great deal of that advertising appears to be of the bargain basement variety, particularly on CBC Newsnet, where the audience appears to range from those requiring walk-in baths to self-styled elite singles seeking companionship.

Even this revenue appears to be in a state of irreversible decline. The response to that by the CBC, naturally, is to seek foriegn programming to build audiences in the most desired advertising markets such as the GTA. At which point sensible people throw their hands in the air and wonder: what, then, is the actual point of the CBC?

At times, CBC television appears to have struggled with its own sense of identity.

Read the full story here.

Friday, March 06, 2020

Public confidence in CBC is at an all-time low

The national state broadcaster has claimed that we blur ethical lines. While we appreciate the attention of the CBC, partisanship is an interesting charge coming from them, a major outlet that continues to take hundreds of millions of your tax dollars while spreading woke social justice messages and left-leaning content on an hourly basis.

The argument is that we exist in a “grey area” between journalism and “pamphleteering.” In their attempt to establish this argument, they dust off Alan Conter, a professor of journalism from Concordia University. Conter claims that transparency is key, and that what we do is “less journalism and more pamphleteering.” What CBC and Conter fail to disclose is that Conter is a former CBC executive producer. Conter is right about one thing: Transparency is key. We wonder why CBC wasn’t transparent about this connection.

This all comes at a time when public confidence in the state-funded broadcaster is at an all-time low. The public sees the slow dance between legacy media like the CBC and the Trudeau government. It’s right there in plain view, under a spotlight. It’s almost romantic.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

CBC nothing but a Liberal propaganda machine

The CBC receives a 1.2 billion dollar a year handout by the federal government funded by taxpayers.

Last year, they ‘earned’ $58 million in advertising revenue, down from the $114 million in 2014.

And what the hell is the 1.2 billion being spent on??? It’s certainly not ‘content’ or fair, equal, unbiased reporting.

They claim they are the ‘state broadcaster’ and ‘want to reach out to all Canadians’. Yet, they are nothing but a Liberal propaganda machine.

There are 36 million people living in our country, and the CBC’s viewership in 2019 went down to 269,000.

That means, that only .0074% of Canadians care to listen to, or watch their Liberal drivel.

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

CBC competes for viewers and advertising income

Online is where it’s at. There, CBC/Radio Canada goes toe to toe with traditional broadcasters and newspapers fighting for readers, viewers, listeners and, most of all, dollars. That’s where it sows. And that’s where it reaps.

And that’s where, if something needs to be “done” about CBC – which, in both the online and television worlds, is a full-blown commercial operator – it should be done.

The nation’s television broadcasting world has forever been distorted by the existence of a publicly-funded entity such as CBC that competes not only for viewers but for advertising income. It has always been entirely unfair to the private sector that its own tax dollars are used to compete against it.

Publicly-funded radio may compete with the private sector for listeners but never for money.

About 40 per cent of Canada’s advertising dollars are spent online, making that medium by far the most dominant, followed by TV a good 10 points behind, then radio and newspapers. That means that by employing an aggressive online strategy, CBC now competes for a share of about 70 per cent of the advertising dollars at play in the market.

So newspapers, radio and other Internet platforms are now, in addition to television companies, paying taxes that subsidize their competition to their detriment.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

The problems with the CBC are threefold

The CBC license is up for renewal and the debate is (again) on. Is it fair to keep public funding for this broadcaster? Or, more bluntly, do we need the CBC?

There is no doubt that the CBC has a rich history of accomplishments since its creation in 1936, in terms of production of quality shows and as a springboard for worldwide renowned artists. However, since the beginning of the eighties, the game has changed, and the CBC has increasing difficulties to play a significant role. They are losing ground domestically and our Canadian talents need to move to the South to pursue their international quest for stardom.

The problems with the CBC are threefold. First, they are unable, just like most other broadcaster, to better use the new technology. Second, they don’t have the proper content. The CBC wants to talk about Canada but it’s trying too hard to shape Canadians into something they still don’t know. And third, it is the mentality of the Corporation. Economic entitlement, lack of reward for those working hard and diligently (and there are many), no consequences for incompetent and irresponsible employers, too much bureaucracy inside and too much politicking.

Read the full story here.

Monday, March 02, 2020

CBC - Credibility Shot, Ratings Plummeting

The National has made a strong argument for its demise. Its four-person electric hedgehog is bumping along, often at about half the audience former host Mansbridge drew in his final years on the network’s flagship TV news show. While some of this might be attributed to the general bleed of viewers everywhere, you don’t see the same carnage at CTV’s flagship news show The CTV National News.

What’s most galling about The National’s collapse is that, during the 2016 federal election, CBC executives begged Justin Trudeau for $1.5 billion to restore the publicly funded radio/TV behemoth to its former status. If they had the money radio and TV would soar once more. When the PM complied, the Corp instead poured the money into bigfooting private outlets in the new digital/ social media field.

Now a day rarely goes by without the formerly cash-strapped CBC hiring a former newspaper reporter to bloat its massive profile on the web. It has squeezed the oxygen out of the opposition, positioning itself as the heavyweight in digital. Hardly a fair fight— and using public funds.

Read the full story here.

Friday, February 28, 2020

CBC trying to force Canadians to fund their failing network

The failing network is desperate for more tax dollars. According to a new report by Blacklock’s, CBC is desperate for yet more money, amid collapsing ad revenue and horrendous viewership numbers.

The report indicates that CBC English-language TV ad revenue is down 37%, with less than 1% of Canadians watching local CBC newscasts at suppertime.

Clearly, Canadians aren’t enjoying the content being pushed by CBC. But instead of respecting the choice of the vast majority of Canadians who aren’t watching, CBC is trying to force Canadians to fund their failing network.

Instead of being forced to fund CBC, CBC should be stripped of public funding and rely on the private sector.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

CBC pulls out of Omar Khadr speaking event in Halifax

The CBC has pulled its participation from an event featuring the convicted terrorist Omar Khadr at Dalhousie University in Halifax on Monday.

Omar Khadr is a former child soldier who was involved in a firefight with US soldiers in 2002, leaving one US soldier dead. Khadr was wounded in the firefight and captured—being taken to Guantanamo Bay where he was held without charge.

In 2017, Justin Trudeau’s federal government awarded Khadr a $10.5 million settlement. Khadr went on to purchase a strip mall in Edmonton with some of the money.

Khadr previously caused controversy early in 2019 when he appeared on CBC’s Tout Le Monde En Parle, a French-language TV show which gave him a hero’s welcome.

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

CBC’s TV Ratings Are A Disaster

CBC gets about $1.5 BILLION per year in taxpayer funding.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also get private sector ads just like their competitors.

So, they get public money and private money, leading to a totally uncompetitive playing field.

And yet, their ratings are still in the toilet.

To get a sense of how bad CBC’s ratings are, consider that not even one of CBC’s highly-funded programs could beat reruns of Border Security, or Wheel of Fortune.

Plus, this isn’t just about shows that are big in popular culture.

CTV evening News, CTV national news, CTV evening news weekend, CTV late news, Global news Hour, and Global national were all in the top 30.

CBC News or The National? Nowhere to be found on the list.

So, we are paying tons of money to a network that can’t even get people to watch it.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How low will CBC TV bosses go in search of ratings and ad dollars?

My friends, it’s time for a resistance. Specifically, a resistance against the direction that current management is taking CBC TV.

First came the news that CBC TV is investing heavily in the advertiser-friendly game show Family Feud Canada and bringing back the reality show Battle of the Blades. That’s bedrock commercial TV stuff, a craven move to get ratings and ad dollars. It’s fine, as long as the fluff is balanced by a plan to air substantial material. What CBC executives like to call “cerebral” content.

Read the full story here.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Erin O’Toole to cut all funding to CBC’s English-language digital operations

Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole is promising to effectively end CBC’s English-language public broadcasting operation, except for radio. But he says he won’t cut Radio-Canada, CBC’s French-language division.

CBC is a popular target during Conservative leadership races, as multiple candidates in the 2017 race had also taken aim at the public broadcaster’s news division. In total, CBC receives $1.2 billion in operating and capital funding from the government each year, and adds about $500 million in advertising, subscription fees, and other revenue sources.

O’Toole released a video Friday morning where he promised to cut all funding to CBC’s English-language digital operations, slash the English TV budget by 50 per cent, and aim to privatize the English TV operation by the end of his first mandate in government.

Read the full story here.

Friday, February 21, 2020

CBC management thinks commercial sponsorship is right thing to do

Here is the good news: the CRTC has ordered CBC/Radio-Canada to end paid advertising on Radio 2 and ICI Musique. The ban begins immediately.

The bad news is that CBC management still seems to think it was doing the right thing when it opened the two radio networks to commercial sponsorship three years ago, with the CRTC's wary approval.

A corporate spokesperson said Wednesday the withdrawal of permission shows "a lack of understanding about the reality of public broadcasting," and "does not help CBC/Radio-Canada serve Canadians."

But the "reality" of public broadcasting, in principle at least, is that it exists precisely in order to provide a service that is not a commercial, for-profit undertaking. It is intended to be distinctive, to be free from the influence of vested interests either commercial or governmental, and to serve its audiences as citizens rather than as consumers.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

CBC The National: Less News and More Propaganda

Has the cash-strapped CBC SOLD OFF editorial control of their flagship news program The National to the federal NDP? Or have they just GIVEN it to them?

Something has gone terrible awry with Canada’s public broadcaster, whose Journalistic Standards state:

“We are committed to reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens. All Canadians, of whatever origins, perspectives and beliefs, should feel that our news and current affairs coverage is relevant to them and lives up to our Values.”

Not from what I’ve observed!

The National newscast, I have found, always leaned a bit left, but these days, it has become increasingly difficult for a fair-minded viewer to watch without being concerned … even if you lean left.

I find it is now filled with far too many stories that I would describe as totally one-sided: “advocacy” journalism pushing a particular point of view …. ie. propaganda.

But remember, it is paid for by ALL Canadians! And read that statement of principles again about what it is SUPPOSED to do.

I would describe The National now as more of a sophisticated attempt to brainwash Canadians to support left-wing political and social policies and ideology … rather than truly cover/canvass multiple sides of important issues … as real journalists should.

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Cut off digital revenue to CBC says public-policy group

A public-policy group has issued 12 recommendations to revive the Canadian news industry, including cutting off digital revenue to the public broadcaster.

The report by the Public Policy Forum maintains that the decline of traditional media, audience fragmentation, and fake news are undermining faith in Canadian democracy.

"Free of the need to 'attract eyeballs' for digital advertising, which can run contrary to its civic-function mission and draw it into a 'clickbait' mentality," the report states.

As things stand now, the CBC generates about $25 million in annual digital revenue, according to the report.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

CBC broadcast was devastatingly defamatory

                        Leenen v. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation et al

Defendants produced television program about safety of certain heart medications–Program implied that plaintiff doctor and research scientist supported prescribing of killer drugs, was in conflict of interest, received pay-off from pharmaceutical company and acted negligently or dishonestly as chairman of ad hoc advisory committee of Health Canada’s Health Protection Branch–Aggravated damages of $350,000, general damages of $400,000 and punitive damages of $200,000 affirmed on appeal.

The trial judge found that the words complained of did actually bear those meanings and that the broadcast was devastatingly defamatory of the plaintiff. He found that the defence of justification failed because many of the facts alleged by the defendants were not true. He rejected the defence of qualified privilege, concluding that, while the program was “of public interest”, it was not “in the public interest”, and was contrary to the public interest because of its real potential for harm by inciting a panic amongst patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Read the full judgement here.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Ban the CBC from digital advertising

An ominous silence has fallen over the demands to save Canada's newspapers, even as more of their employees take the long walk into the abattoir of the industry's ambitions.

It was only 18 months ago that the Public Policy Forum report authored by Edward Greenspon - The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age - made a number of recommendations designed to halt the slaughter.

Chief among the recommendations was the establishment of a fund of as much as $400 million supported by a 10 per cent withholding tax on advertising purchased in foreign digital media.

Additional recommendations included - and some of us have long campaigned for this - banning the CBC from digital advertising and making its content available without charge to its domestic competitors.

We all know the age of print is over and that it would be foolish to subsidize it. But we know just as well that the cornerstone of democracy is freedom of speech. And freedom of the press to verify and disseminate that speech is necessary in order to discern what's true within an otherwise cacophonic maze of opinion and manipulation.

Yet by refusing to balance the online playing field by banning the CBC from selling digital advertising and eliminating its domestic copyright protection on news content, Canada is sustaining a public policy that can only end with private sector failure and a government-funded news aristocracy bordering on monopoly.

Read the full story here.

Friday, February 14, 2020

CBC host literally left stuttering with confusion

CBC stunned by foreign media view of Liberals’ NAFTA incompetence.

On Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Frank H. Buckley, Foundation Professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University, joined me to discuss his recent appearance on the CBC where he criticized the Liberals' incompetence during the NAFTA negotiations.

There were no fireworks or hysterics or arguments - the CBC host was literally left stuttering with confusion at a perspective that those in Canada’s media party, have never heard.

See the story and video here.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

CBC slapped with with a $282 million defamation lawsuit

Subway’s Chicken Is Still Half-Fake: TV Network Stands by Its Investigation.

In March, all of North America collectively cringed when an investigative media report found that the chicken served in Canada’s Subway sandwiches and salads was made of only 50 percent chicken (along with 50 percent filler and additives). Since then, Subway has slapped the Canadian Broadcasting Company with a $282 million ($210 million USD) defamation lawsuit and vehemently denied all claims, counteracting the damning laboratory results with lab tests of their own.

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Should Taxpayers keep funding the CBC?

Join the discussion on Reddit  ...

Should Taxpayers keep funding the CBC ? I'd like your opinions on this:
level 1
Personally I think yes.
I worry more about our media completely controlled by corporatism than one funded by the public and accountable to the public.
I feel the CBC should be closer to the BBC than PBS in the US.
level 1
I do agree with that, there was some pretty epic tv series and shows that were great entertainment. Id be ok with some funding going to help putting shows together. It is mostly the news part that bugs me.
level 2
The utter vast majority of media is own by right wingers.
There is tons of anti-progressive crap everywhere. What are you missing?
level 1
Hell no. If Canadians want the kind of programming the CBC provides, the CBC can support itself through advertising. If the CBC can’t attract a big enough audience to support itself, then Canadians don’t really want the CBC. Either way, no public funding required.

Read even more comments on Reddit here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

CBC continues to report their competitors’ scoops often without credit

The public sees the slow dance between legacy media like the CBC and the Trudeau government. It’s right there in plain view, under a spotlight. It’s almost romantic.

Over the last few years, the organization seems to have moved more towards becoming an America obsessed news and entertainment platform hungry for advertising-driven content, rather than a wholesome public broadcaster out to tell the Canadian story.

As a result, I would even argue, the CBC has become destructive to the media ecosystem as a whole. Even with a $1 billion in annual grants, the CBC continues to report their competitors’ scoops often without credit, according to Canadaland.

When mistakes are not being made, and scooped competitors not going uncited, the CBC appears to be stuck making content which simply fails to grab the imagination of most Canadians.

Read the full story here.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Absenteeism rife at CBC

Canadians paid nearly $18 million in one year for CBC employees who failed to show up to work.

According to the document, CBC employees were absent from work an average of 16.5 days. Statistics Canada figures in the report show public sector workers took an average of 12.6 days off while private sector workers took 8.9 days.

The report cites mental disorders as the leading cause of absenteeism (31% of all short-term absences and 44.6% of all long-term absences). The second leading cause was listed as "musculoskeletal problems."

Read more here.

Friday, February 07, 2020

CBC numbers tell the story

Just before election day in 2015, CBC’s then-president whinged that the public broadcaster was at risk of “extinction,” quote unquote. Justin Trudeau got the message. Once installed in power, Trudeau forked over $115 million to CBC. For good measure, it threw in another $35 million.

But despite that, CBC’s national impact continues to shrink. Its flagship news program — the one that used to literally determine what topics were covered in Question Period — is failing. In the past two years alone, its viewership has nose-dived a mammoth 24%.

Despite being the recipient of millions in tax dollars — and despite being allowed to use that unfair advantage to compete in major markets with private-sector media competitors — the CBC simply isn’t breaking big national stories like it used to.

At the most recent Canada’s Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) awards, Global won a dozen awards for excellence. CTV, which regularly clobbers The National in the ratings game, picked up the RTDNA’s best national newscast award. CBC radio and its regional stations won some RTDNA awards, but none were for national political stories.

Read the full story here.