CBC continues its arrogant, wasteful operation beginning with the CEO, Hubert Lacroix and working down the chain of command. Waste is as rampant and unrelenting as is their biased news service.

Our Twitter followers and frequent visitors to cbcExposed help us to continue to expose CBC’s abuse and waste of tax money as well as their ongoing left wing news bias. Thank you for your support.

In addition to what private broadcasters such as CTV and Global get from advertising and cable/satellite fees the CBC also receives $100,000,000 of your tax money every 30 days. No need to run an efficient service, you have lots of money and they know how to spend it, what a marriage!

Time for a divorce! Latest Polls clearly indicate that Canadians want a change. They see no need for a Government owned taxpayer funded broadcast service in 2014 and taxpayers clearly choose to privatize the CBC now. The Liberals did this for Petro Canada and Air Canada and despite Union cries both flourish today without taxpayer money.

This privatization can easily be achieved by selling CBC English and CBC French to separate buyers to maximize the ownership management and content to Canadians. New private ownership of the CBC will enhance the future of media in Canada. The billions earned from the sale of the CBC and the taxpayer savings of $100,000,000 every month could be used for health care and education.

cbcExposed continues to hear from confidential sources inside the CBC and we will continue to expose their reports of waste, abuse and bias. Meanwhile you can make a difference by contacting your MP to let her/him know you believe they should act today to privatize the CBC.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

CBC refuses to reveal its secrets ...

Poor Hubert Lacroix.

The president of the CBC is feeling put upon because, unlike other media outlets, we refuse to write glowingly about how wonderful the state broadcaster is. 

Beginning almost a year ago, I started a semi-regular feature called “The Money Drain” that looks at CBC’s refusal to be open and transparent under the Access to Information Act.

In that time, CBC has refused to release the type of standard fare released by minister’s offices and departments under the same access law that is supposed to open government up to the people who pay for it.

Want to know how much CBC paid to replace the Hockey Night in Canada song they never should have lost? Too bad. 

Want to know how much employee absenteeism is costing the taxpayer at CBC? They won’t say. 

This series, combined with stinging reports on CBC’s failures from the federal information commissioner, has the Commons ethics and access to information committee examining Lacroix’s actions.

He isn’t happy about it.

Read the full story.

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