The CBC continues to operate in a wasteful, bias manner serving the socialist left wing mandate only while continuing to lose viewers and advertising revenues. Scandals continue. An unsettling, ugly anti Semitic movement has grown in the CBC News operation, history experts will know that this troubling bias can have devastating results for our country. Act now- contact your MP, the PMO and the CBC to stop this frightening socialist anti Semitic driven bias now.

Disgruntled CBC workers continue to confidentially share their stories with us, reports of management snooping, waste, huge salaries for select senior management, content bias, low employee morale continue in 2021 and we will expose these activities in our blog while protecting our whistleblower contacts. We take joy in knowing that the CBC-HQ visits us daily to spy on us, read our stories and to find out who owns our for the Canadian people blog.

One of our most popular posts continues to be the epic Dr. Leenen case against the Fifth Estate (the largest libel legal case ever awarded against the media in Canadian history) yet where no one at CBC was fired and taxpayers paid the huge award and legal costs for this blatant CBC Libel action. Writers and filmmakers -this is a Perfect story for an award winning Documentary -ok - who would fund it and where would it air since the CBC owns the Documentary channel! Can you help? Please contact us.

cbcExposed continues to enjoy substantial visitors coming from Universities and Colleges across Canada who use us for research in debates, exams, etc.

We ask students to please join with us in this mission; you have the power to make a difference! And so can private broadcasters who we know are hurting from the dwindling Advertising revenue pool and the CBC taking money from that pool while also unfairly getting massive Tax subsidies money. It's time to stop being silent and start speaking up Bell-CTV, Shaw-Global, Rogers, etc.

Our cbcExposed Twitter followers and visitors to cbcExposed continue to motivate us to expose CBC’s abuse and waste of tax money as well as exposing their ongoing left wing bully-like anti-sematic news bias. Polls meanwhile show that Canadians favour selling the wasteful government owned media giant and to put our tax money to better use for all Canadians. The Liberals privatized Petro Canada and Air Canada; it’s time for the Trudeau Liberals to privatize the CBC- certainly not give them more of our tax money-enough is enough!

The CBC network’s ratings continue to plummet while their costs and our taxpayer bailout subsidies continue to go up! In 2021 what case can be made for the Government to be in the broadcasting business, competing unfairly with the private sector? The CBC receives advertising and cable/satellite fees-fees greater than CTV and Global but this is not enough for the greedy CBC who also receive more than a billion dollars of your tax money every year. That’s about $100,000,000 (yes, $100 MILLION) of our taxes taken from your pay cheques every 30 days and with no CBC accountability to taxpayers.

Wake up! What does it take for real change at the CBC? YOU! Our blog contains a link to the Politicians contact info for you to make your voice heard. Act now and contact your MP, the Cabinet and Prime Minister ... tell them to stop wasting your money on a biased, failing media service, and ... sell the CBC.

The cost of propping up the CBC pension plan ...

The federal government recently announced cuts to the CBC budget of $27.8 million this year increasing to $115 million by 2014-15. The CBC budget for 2011 was $1.1 billion.

 These cuts, however, pale in comparison to the costs of propping up the CBC’s pension plan. How will it fund its current pension solvency deficit of $801 million (2010) up from $382 million the previous year?

 In 2010, CBC employees contributed $26.9 million to their pensions, but $51.2 million was added by taxpayers. While the split is supposed to be 50/50, CBC has chosen to ask taxpayers to fund the deficit without asking employees to contribute more. 

Much of CBC’s pension problem can be attributed to a highly-controversial decision to allow “retroactive” pensions to employees who previously did not qualify for them. Under a program called “buy-backs,” starting in the early 2000s, members of the ACTRA union were allowed to purchase pension credits in the CBC plan, triggering a lucrative – but underfunded – guaranteed pension.

 Read the full story here.

CBC guilty of defamation; Supreme Court won't hear appeal ...

Canada's public broadcaster will not get an audience with the country's top court to challenge costly defamation judgments against its investigative program the fifth estate.

 The Supreme Court of Canada gave no reasons Thursday for refusing to hear the case, as is usual in high-court appeal applications. The CBC was ordered in 2000 to pay nearly $1-million in defamation damages to medical scientist Dr. Frans Leenen of the University of Ottawa and $200,000 to Dr. Martin Myers, a Toronto cardiologist.

 Dr. Myers won another $150,000 in aggravated damages last year after the CBC lost at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Read the full story here.

CBC demands more money while refusing to release key information ...

CBC wants more money from Canadians to pay for local services but isn't willing to say exactly what that money will buy.

Facing hard times, broadcasters turned to their MPs and pushed for a new source of money, which led to the creation of the fund. CBC's slice of the pie, paid for by a levy on Canadian cable and satellite companies, is $40 million.

But while the state broadcaster says it needs more money from hard working Canadians to keep local operations going, it is also working hard to keep details of local operations secret.

A request for details on the cost of their new studios in Hamilton, Ont., including the acquisition, renovation and furnishing of a decrepit old building in the city's downtown core, was granted -- with plenty of information removed.

CBC cited security concerns, competitive issues and privacy in refusing to release what they are spending taxpayers money on.

Several documents that were released had most relevant details removed.

Read the full story here.

CBC Chops Series After Government Cuts, Reveals Primetime Lineup ...

The cuts are starting to slice deeply into a cash-strapped Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

The Canadian pubcaster, facing a deep chop to its government subsidy, unveiled a slimmed-down primetime schedule for 2012-13 with a new crime drama, Cracked, and the historical drama Titanic: Blood and Steel, from European producer De Angelis Group.

Shows not returning to the CBC included the underperforming comedies Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays and Insecurity, and the reality shows The Debaters and Cover Me Canada.

Also getting the chop is Redemption Inc., a reality series hosted by Kevin O’Leary that has ex-convicts competing to launch a legitimate business.

Read the full story here.

Let CBC stand alone ...

Letters to the Editor - The Chronicle - Journal Thunder Bay

IN your editorial of April 12 (CBC Gets Hit Again) you imply the CBC has had its funding curtailed. Actually, taxpayers, through the Conservative government, have increased CBC funding yearly since 2006 to $1.1 billion through 2011. This is much to the chagrin of numerous critics, not just right-wingers as your editorial maliciously states, who believe the CBC has shown itself to be an unaccountable, money-wasting nightmare.

Indeed the highly-paid CBC president, Hubert Lacroix, has constantly refused to deliver requested CBC financial documents to the Parliamentary Budget Officer and Access to Information requests and fights these basic requests for accountability in court, with taxpayer dollars to help cover legal costs.

If the CBC is such a viable broadcaster, let it stand on its own merits without CRTC-regulated support imposed on cable companies and minus taxpayer support for two-thirds of its “income” and we’ll see.

I believe the outdated, mostly irrelevant and redundant CBC should have been privatized decades ago or forced to seek funding from its supporters, just as PBS (15-per-cent government funding) does in the U.S.

Read the full story here.

Canadian Islamic Congress brags about CBC's anti-Israel bias ...

The anti-Israel, anti-Conservative bias at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been one of the hallmarks of our tax-supported national media network.

The Ceeb goes to pains to protest a professed even-handedness, and sometimes, on rare occasion, they may actually present a news item that isn't overwhelmingly slanted in a neo-socialist, regressive direction.

But their protestations are being undermined by their friends. The anti-Semitic Canadian Islamic Congress, whose founding President notoriously pronounced that all Israeli Jews are fair targets for murder, is crowing about the bias at the CBC in favour of the Sea Hitler flotilla that attempted to break Israel's arms embargo against Gaza.

Read the full story here.

Suggested CBC cuts and keeps from Canadian Press TV columnist Bill Brioux ...

They're coming — massive cuts to the CBC schedule. The embattled public broadcaster has already announced shows will be lost as it scrambles to deal with a $115 million funding reduction to be phased in over the next three years.

The network will announce its schedule May 10 in Toronto. A few shows — "Being Erica" and "Little Mosque on the Prairie" — are already cancelled. "Connect with Mark Kelley" has also been unplugged. Executive vice-president Kirstine Stewart says other shows will either be cancelled or have reduced orders heading into the 2012-13 season.

One way the CBC could save a lot of money is to walk away from its Olympic bid right now. There is no cash for the ransom the International Olympic Committee seeks.

Shows like "The Nature of Things" and "Doc Zone" are what make CBC distinct and need to be protected. Setting newscasts aside, here's one observer's view on how CBC should handle cuts to the rest of its schedule:

Read the full story here.

Tuning out CBC’s tears ...

State broadcaster slashes services in ... Portuguese and Russian?

I’m not sure how much longer Canada can last.

On Wednesday our national unity took a deep blow when CBC announced that it will deal with its budget cuts by slashing services that few Canadians knew existed.

The state broadcaster will stop broadcasting in Portuguese and Russian through its Radio Canada International arm. Thankfully RCI will keep broadcasting to the world in Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish which just could save national unity. CBC will also stop broadcasting over the shortwave band and will sell specialty channel Bold, two more blows to the Canadian fabric.

Of course I’m being sarcastic, but the idea that cutting CBC’s budget will hurt the country is held by some.

On Thursday, a union rep for CBC workers told me that Canada could not survive without the state broadcaster. Given that few Canadians watch CBC programs each year I don’t know how she kept a straight face.

Read the full story here.

Canada's CBC Slashes Jobs and Programming to Absorb Government Cuts ...

Programming changes unveiled Tuesday to CBC employees during a town hall meeting from Toronto include more repeats on the pubcaster's TV network, fewer original dramas and documentaries and less sports programming.

The Canadian pubcaster will ax the TV newsmagazine "Connect With Mark Kelley" and the radio show "Dispatches" to pare operating costs.

Read the full story here.

The Network: Fixing the CBC ...

It’s the deepest in a series of government cuts that stretches back 30 years, and, depending who you ask, may be the Mother Corp.’s coup de grace.

Jeffrey Dvorkin, the former ombudsman of National Public Radio and Chief Journalist for CBC Radio, is pessimistic about the CBC’s immediate future.

Former CBC president Robert Rabinovitch isn’t much sunnier about the corporation’s prospects, though he envisions a slower, quieter death for the organization. In an article in the Star’s Saturday’s Insight section about the CBC’s current predicament, Rabinovitch tells the paper that the corporation won’t be destroyed before it’s made irrelevant, quietly crippled by ever-dwindling budgets.

Read the full story here.

Newspaper Readers Responding To New CBC Lawsuit ...

The Toronto Sun Today published a story titled: "Fashion designer files new defamation lawsuit against CBC".  Readers were quick to comment:
  • Another good reason to--------Get rid of the CBC.
  • CBC could not produce an unbiased proper investigative piece if their lives depended on it. They ALWAYS take the fastest route to the air facts and the truth be damned.
  • They don`t care. They know the taxpayer has to pay the bill,plus nobody will lose their job.
  • That's where a good chunk of the Billion+ subsidy the CBC get from us taxpayers goes... to their legal dept. Privatize it and end some of our 'tax pain'. Prep-H is expensive...
  • There is no need to have a state broadcaster! they get over $1billion from us, the taxpayers and do not need to justify how its spent, what cushy jobs their employees have! Also, does this mean that if a 'joe blow' went to cbc to talk badly of someone, they would just take his word and run a national program on it? shame on you cbc, just go away!
  • Your tax dollars hard at work. Not the first time CBC and the Fifth Estate have created facts (see Audi and unintended acceloration).
Add your voice by going here!

Glowbal Group takes legal action against CBC ...

On April 2, 2012, the CBC aired a story about tip disbursements that singled out The Glowbal Restaurant Group. However, the CBC’s Kathy Tomlinson report of allegations that question employment standards adherence and that tips are used for purposes other than what they are intended are categorically false and inaccurate.

“It is curious and unfortunate that Ms. Tomlinson and the CBC chose to air a story based on the false accusations of former employees. It is equally baffling as to why Ms. Tomlinson chose to focus on The Glowbal Group when the practice of pooling gratuities is an accepted standard in the hospitality sector in Canada.”

The Glowbal Restaurant Group and its CEO Emad Yacoub will file a lawsuit in BC Supreme Court against the CBC, CBC reporter Kathy Tomlinson and the former employees over unjustified defamatory allegations.

Statement from The British Columbia Restaurant Association
“As The Glowbal Restaurant Group has been a valued member of the BC Restaurant Association for over a decade, I have come to know Emad Yacoub both personally and professionally,” says Ian Tostenson, President/CEO of The British Columbia Restaurant Association. “Emad heads up what can only be described as one of the most progressive and dynamic restaurant groups in the city.

Full story here.

Less staff and more ads: Eight things to know about the CBC budget cuts ...

1 - Downsizing - The public broadcaster will eliminate 650 full-time positions over the next three years, with 475 of them coming in this fiscal year. The CBC will shed 256 jobs, Radio-Canada 243 jobs and corporate services 151. The reductions represent about 7% of the broadcaster’s workforce of 8,900.

2 - Programming

3 - Advertising

4 - Transmitting - The CBC will accelerate its shutdown of its analogue television service, which reaches only about 1.7% of its audience.

5 - Timing

6 - Not Downsizing

7 - Score-settling

8 - Money-making

Get all the details here.

CBC wants censorship ...

The CBC is throwing a tantrum — using your tax dollars.

They had a lawyer send a letter to us here at the Sun, complaining because we criticize their wasteful spending, their lack of accountability, and their bizarre broadcasting decisions, like their big foray into Internet porn.

The CBC lawyer was really mad because on the Sun News Network, we showed a video of one of their senior executives, Kirstine Stewart, alongside a video of a France-produced porn show on CBC’s new online channel.

Here’s a quote from their letter: “Placing Ms. Stewart on the same screen as graphic sex scenes is indefensible morally and legally.”

Just to be clear, the graphic sex scene their lawyer referred to was from a program on a CBC website. But to show that program, associated with a CBC executive, is apparently illegal and immoral in their eyes.

Read the full story here.

CBC says it will cut 650 jobs ...

CBC announced it will be cutting up to 650 jobs, while slashing a number of services few Canadians actually use.

Radio Canada International will cease broadcasting in Portuguese and Russian, shortwave broadcasts of CBC programming will stop and end the use of analogue transmitters to broadcast their signals.

To deal with $115 million in cuts over three years, CBC will also seek out advertisers for their French and English national radio stations.

Read the full story here.

CBC Retracts Claim that Israel Killed 23 Syrian Demonstrators After HRC Complaint ...

On March 30, published an article entitled: “Israel seals off West Bank for Land Day protests” which erroneously claimed that in the Summer of 2011, that "Israeli troops killed 23 (Syrian) demonstrators..."

Contrary to this statement, Israel contends that its forces only killed 13 demonstrators who tried to breach its border with Syria last year. The other 10, are alleged to have died when fire bombs they were throwing hit Syrian land mines which detonated and killed them. Furthermore, this article adopted the Syrian version of events in claiming that Israel killed the 23 demonstrators. Israel claims that this matter has never been independently corroborated and is largely based on claims from the Syrian government and its state-run media which lacks credibility.

This article also contradicted a previous report which did not blame Israel for the death toll alone, but simply referenced that 23 people were killed in clashes. A June 6 report noted that: “deadly clashes with Israeli forces that killed as many as 23 people who tried to rush the border.”

Read the full article here.

Changes would compel CBC to disclose more ...

The Tories used their majority on a House of Commons committee to call for tighter rules that would compel the CBC to be more transparent in responding to access-to-information requests.

In a report Wednesday, the committee asked the government to consider amending a section of the Access to Information Act that protects the CBC’s journalistic, creative and programming activities from disclosure.

The report does not specify what amendment the committee is seeking, but notes some experts have said the information commissioner of Canada should be able to examine withheld records to make an independent judgment when a complaint is made.

Read the full story here.

Will CBC management incentive payments be cut? Lacroix says "no".

At 1:30pm EDT on April 04/2012 the CBC announced program and other cuts that will be made as a result of the federal budget which slashed funding for our national public broadcaster by $115 million.

During the Live Blog CBC President Lacroix discussed several ways of increasing revenue and decreasing expenditures such as leveraging ads on TV, increasing digital revenue, introduce ads to Radio 2 and Espace Musique. It was mentioned that theCBC applied to the CRTC this morning for permission to place ads on Radio 2 and EM, but have chosen to keep Radio One ad free.

It was also announced that the CBC will be squeezing the employee pension plan, asking employees to pay more to save $5million. CBC will also be accelerating the reduction of its real estate footprint. CBC will save about $30 million by scaling back and slowing down expansion plans. CBC will sell Bold and cancel plans for a sports specialty station.

It was also announced that there would be major cuts to programming ... $64 million will be cut from French service, $ 150 milion from English services and the balance from RCI and other services.

Job cuts will come out of the media lines, equally split between the English and French services...this will cost an additional $125 million on top of the $200 million mentioned earlier. 650 full time jobs will be eliminated ....475 in year one....150 jobs in 2013/14 and the balance following in the next year. Also about 150 management jobs to be cut for a total of 800.

Following the Live Blog there was a Q and A from employees across the country. A question from Montreal asked about management incentive payments...will they be cut? Lacroix says "no".

"I will let Canadians decide for themselves if this is a fair cut" says Lacroix.

Read the full transcript here.

Suck it up, CBC. You should have seen this coming ...

The CBC is mandated to be more than a broadcaster. It is mandated to be a cultural institution, an incubator of artistic talent, employer of talent from many genres and provider of unique programming that other broadcasters fail to deliver. Every dollar spent on the CBC is supposed to be a dollar well spent. Last year, a Deloitte report estimated the CBC adds $3.7-billion to the Canadian economy annually.

Yet CBC has done little to hammer home this last point and, in programming on English radio and TV, has been utterly feckless, constantly diminishing its own standards.

It has abandoned excellence in countless areas. On many nights, the main CBC English channel schedule looks like a mishmash of game shows and lightweight news and docs.

The National is sometimes a disgrace, a meandering journey though the mind of a flibbertigibbet who spent the day garnering news bits from a hodgepodge of online sources.

So suck it up, and move on. It’s a defeat in a war and it’s not over. Gird yourself, CBC. Get serious, do better and become worth defending.

Read the full story here.

Music industry wants more royalties from CBC ...

Competitors suggest CBC is undercutting them using taxpayer money.

Listeners of the CBC site have streamed 1.6 million hours of music. At three minutes a song, that’s some 32 million tunes. If it were forced to pay per song like other online services, the service could become very expensive to operate.

“What concerns private industry is that in the face of massive cutbacks CBC sees fit to launch a new service that won’t generate meaningful revenue,” said Rob Braide, vice-president of regulatory affairs at Stingray, which charges users $4.99 a month to use its Galaxie music app. “I’m not sure how that makes any sense.”

Read the full story here.

Time to Privatize the CBC ...

Canada's cultural elitists are getting mighty nervous these days.


Because word has it the Conservative government may trim the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's budget.

Now for regular TV consumers, who mainly watch non-CBC programming, the possibility a CBC budget cut probably ranks somewhere below getting a hangnail on their list of things to worry about.

Read the full story here.