The CBC continues to operate in a wasteful, bias manner serving the socialist left wing mandate only while continuing to lose viewers and advertising revenues. Scandals continue. An unsettling, ugly anti Semitic movement has grown in the CBC News operation, history experts will know that this troubling bias can have devastating results for our country. Act now- contact your MP, the PMO and the CBC to stop this frightening socialist anti Semitic driven bias now.

Disgruntled CBC workers continue to confidentially share their stories with us, reports of management snooping, waste, huge salaries for select senior management, content bias, low employee morale continue in 2021 and we will expose these activities in our blog while protecting our whistleblower contacts. We take joy in knowing that the CBC-HQ visits us daily to spy on us, read our stories and to find out who owns our for the Canadian people blog.

One of our most popular posts continues to be the epic Dr. Leenen case against the Fifth Estate (the largest libel legal case ever awarded against the media in Canadian history) yet where no one at CBC was fired and taxpayers paid the huge award and legal costs for this blatant CBC Libel action. Writers and filmmakers -this is a Perfect story for an award winning Documentary -ok - who would fund it and where would it air since the CBC owns the Documentary channel! Can you help? Please contact us.

cbcExposed continues to enjoy substantial visitors coming from Universities and Colleges across Canada who use us for research in debates, exams, etc.

We ask students to please join with us in this mission; you have the power to make a difference! And so can private broadcasters who we know are hurting from the dwindling Advertising revenue pool and the CBC taking money from that pool while also unfairly getting massive Tax subsidies money. It's time to stop being silent and start speaking up Bell-CTV, Shaw-Global, Rogers, etc.

Our cbcExposed Twitter followers and visitors to cbcExposed continue to motivate us to expose CBC’s abuse and waste of tax money as well as exposing their ongoing left wing bully-like anti-sematic news bias. Polls meanwhile show that Canadians favour selling the wasteful government owned media giant and to put our tax money to better use for all Canadians. The Liberals privatized Petro Canada and Air Canada; it’s time for the Trudeau Liberals to privatize the CBC- certainly not give them more of our tax money-enough is enough!

The CBC network’s ratings continue to plummet while their costs and our taxpayer bailout subsidies continue to go up! In 2021 what case can be made for the Government to be in the broadcasting business, competing unfairly with the private sector? The CBC receives advertising and cable/satellite fees-fees greater than CTV and Global but this is not enough for the greedy CBC who also receive more than a billion dollars of your tax money every year. That’s about $100,000,000 (yes, $100 MILLION) of our taxes taken from your pay cheques every 30 days and with no CBC accountability to taxpayers.

Wake up! What does it take for real change at the CBC? YOU! Our blog contains a link to the Politicians contact info for you to make your voice heard. Act now and contact your MP, the Cabinet and Prime Minister ... tell them to stop wasting your money on a biased, failing media service, and ... sell the CBC.

CBC simply isn’t breaking big national stories like it used to

Just before election day in 2019, CBC’s then-president whinged that the public broadcaster was at risk of “extinction,” quote unquote. Justin Trudeau got the message. Once installed in power, Trudeau forked over $115 million to CBC. For good measure, it threw in another $35 million.

But despite that, CBC’s national impact continues to shrink. Its flagship news program — the one that used to literally determine what topics were covered in Question Period — is failing. In the past two years alone, its viewership has nose-dived a mammoth 24%.

A few weeks ago, even the CBC’s editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire was forced to admit that The National isn’t all what it once was: “Are we pleased with the overall state of The National? I think the answer is no.”

She shouldn’t be pleased with the overall state of CBC’s relevance to the federal political scene, either. Despite being the recipient of millions in tax dollars — and despite being allowed to use that unfair advantage to compete in major markets with private-sector media competitors — the CBC simply isn’t breaking big national stories like it used to.

Read the full story here.

Rosemary Barton demoted by the CBC

Rosemary Barton has finally been demoted by the CBC after the public broadcaster announced last week that it was giving up on the disjointed and ratings-killing four-anchor format for its flagship show.

Rosemary Barton has been scrutinized many times in the past for having bias as a reporter. The Post Millennial takes a look back at the eight times (there are far more examples) Barton showed bias for the Liberals while feigning to be a nonpartisan journalist above reproach.

Read the full story here.

CBC pleading to broadcast less Canadian programs

For how much longer can the CBC call itself Canada’s public broadcaster if the Canadian public don’t actually watch its broadcasts? I suspect this question may have seemed frivolous even a decade ago—though now, in 2020, it may just be too tantalizing a question to shrug off.

Fewer and fewer Canadians consume the public broadcaster’s programs. The CBC’ supper hour broadcast, for instance, has now faded to a meagre 329,000 viewers (close to the number of newcomers added to Canada’s population every year, yet CBC’s viewership still declines).

Despite being pressed with the mandate to unbiasedly “”inform, enlighten and entertain” Canadians with Canadian content, the CBC is now pleading with the CRTC to let them broadcast less Canadian programs. As Toronto Sun columnist Brian Lilley mused, “Isn’t that why [the CBC] exists?”

Read the full story here.

CBC headline was misleading

On January 22, the CBC News website published an Associated Press article with the following unfair and misleading headline about a Palestinian terror attack at the Gaza-Israel frontier:

HonestReporting Canada contacted CBC News conveying that this headline didn’t properly explain the incident at hand and ran the risk of having CBC readers think that Israel may have killed 3 presumably innocent Palestinians after an attack that had taken place near the Gaza fence. As we told the CBC, the headline should have identified the Palestinians as either alleged assailants/attackers/infiltrators.

To the CBC’s credit, our public broadcaster recognized that this headline was misleading and amended it to now acknowledge that the Palestinians were “attackers”.

Read the full story here.

CBC jobs better-paying and more cushy

I believe that when the CBC began, it was absolutely essential at almost any cost. It was one of the only mediums of communication, and for many parts of Canada it was the only television available. It was undeniably a key means of getting information out from coast-to-coast, and held great cultural value in terms of defining Canada a country. I believe it certainly justified its fairly high cost to the public purse in times past… wait for it… *sound of other shoe dropping*… Unfortunately for the CBC, the world we live in today is not the world of yesteryear. 

I believe the current financial commitment in tax dollars to the CBC should be slashed much more dramatically than the current budget suggests (roughly 10%), because its importance to Canadians is vastly diminished relative to even 15 years ago. Imagine what hundreds of millions of dollars could do in terms of plugging the holes in education, health care, or infrastructure? These are the priorities I believe most Canadians have, and the CBC, while a nice luxury to possess, is simply one we can’t afford any more.

I have several friends in the journalism industry, and they all report the same reality – that everyone wants a CBC job because they are better-paying and much more cushy in terms of benefits and expectations. While this might be great for the unionized workers at CBC, it is definitely not advantageous to the average Canadian. Nor is it fair to the other networks that compete with the CBC. Why should the Canadian taxpayer fit the bill for salaries that are driving up costs in the market?

Read the full story here.

CBC seems intent on sucking all the air it can out of the media environment

As the CBC prepared for a review of the Broadcast Act that’s due to come down within weeks, it argued that references to its broadcasting mandate be changed so that it can shoulder into the digital marketplace even more, eventually becoming a solely digital operation — presumably, at the same time keeping its existing subsidy for traditional broadcasting and seeking more, and more stable, funding.

For its part, the CBC argues that it’s not the bad guy — that Facebook and Google have a lion’s share of digital advertising dollars in Canada as the media landscape has changed, and that we’re somehow all on the same team here, fighting against big foreign competition.

We’re not.

While CBC senior management is talking about “big” issues, the on-the-ground gutting continues.

I’m not convinced that the CBC even sees that, by both capturing advertising dollars and providing for “free” (with a healthy federal subsidy) the product that private outlets have to sell, it could be the last straw for some of the people it claims not to be competing with.

Read the full story here.

CBC is scrapping its flagship show

CBC is scrapping its flagship show The National’s new format that had a four-host format that slowed down the program to include long features.

The show was created in the fall of 2017 after Peter Mansbridge retired. The CBC cited negative audience feedback for the decision to scrap the new format, according to the Globe and Mail. The National had been losing tens of thousands of viewers over the past two years, as less and less Canadians have been tuning in.

By the summer of 2019 The National had lost nearly 25 percent (about 124,000 viewers abandoning the program) of its viewership from when the new format was launched, despite the CBC spending a lot in a promotional campaign to sell Canadians on the new anchors and format.

Read the full story here.

CBC TV struggling

“There is continued risk that our organization will not remain sustainable as we anticipate the Canadian conventional television advertising market will remain under pressure and the media industry will continue to be disrupted,” wrote management. “In addition, we do not receive inflation funding on the goods and services portion of our budget.”

Read the full story here.

CBC is a broadcaster in decline

Every single time I critique CBC, I’m told that we need to have the state broadcaster, that Canadians rely upon it.

But the numbers would beg to differ.

Whether we are talking audience share or advertising revenue, CBC is a broadcaster in decline.

Did you know that across Canada, over a total of 27 stations coast to coast, the average audience for CBC’s supper hour newscast was 329,000 people? That’s not 329,000 people per market, that is across the country.

Compare that to just one of CTV’s local supper hour newscasts, CFTO in Toronto, which averaged 1.4 million viewers per night in the first week of 2020. That doesn’t include other major markets like Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary or Ottawa where CTV outstrips CBC. It doesn’t include Global News, which is dominant in Western Canada and like CTV doesn’t take a $1.5 billion per year subsidy from the taxpayers.

These CBC ratings aren’t numbers that I’ve made up, they were contained in CBC’s most recent annual report and highlighted by Ottawa-based media outlet Blacklock’s Reporter.

Read the full story here.

CBC kept alive by the Canadian government

Everyone knows the legacy media is dying and now we have our first scalp for the Get Woke Go Broke Master list as the Canadian Broadcasting Company ratings have hit an all time low with revenue down year over year yet again.

True North reports the recent announcement from the CBC of how only.8% of Canadians in 2019 tuned into the State Funded broadcasting company’s broadcasts. Yes the CBC is state funded, so while it is technically broke; it will be kept alive by the Canadian government as some unholy broke undead media monstrosity.

For perspective that means of Canada’s 37.59 million population only 300,720 people tuned in to the CBC in 2019. It goes without saying there are YouTubers who pull in more viewers in an hour than the 1.2 billion dollar state enterprise pulls in a year.

Read the full story here.

Layoffs hit CBC News amid operating budget decline

Citing a decrease in its operating budget, the news division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced layoffs Thursday.

In its 2018-19 annual report, the CBC reported a 14.5 per cent decrease in revenue. The public broadcaster, which has a mixed funding model from government and advertising, reported $490 million in revenue for 2018-19, compared to $573 million in 2017-18.

CBC has to contend with a digital advertising market dominated by sophisticated technology firms such as Facebook and Google.

Read the full story here.

CBC headline was “pathetic”

CBC, our national state broadcaster, falsely claimed that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper called for “regime change.” 

The National Post’s Chris Selley was quick to call out the two establishment broadcasters, tweeting “Regime change” has a specific meaning that Harper doesn’t even remotely allude to in the passages quoted here. He went on to say that the headline was “pathetic.”

CBC has since issued a correction on Twitter and in their original story, stating: “The headline and lead paragraph of this story has been edited from a previous version that stated Stephen Harper said regime change was needed in Iran. 

Read the full story here.

CBC revenue plummets amid requests for more taxpayer money

The CBC’s TV ad dollars have plummeted by 37 percent as fewer than 1 percent of Canadians tune in to watch local newscasts, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

In the latest annual report, the CBC asked whether it could remain sustainable without the help of more Canadian tax dollars. In 2016, the Federal budget allocated $675 million to the state broadcaster, however, it seems this is not enough to keep the CBC above water.

In their annual report, the CBC blamed the atrophy of the media industry for their ills. They further stated that the crown corporation would likely have to reduce their services.

The CBC’s English-language programs ad revenues fell 37 percent and the French-langauge programs’ revenues fell by three percent, spelling unaccounted, million dollar losses.

Read the full story here.

CBC exposes Antifa informant

In a show of incompetence, the CBC’s 5th Estate has accidentally released the identity of a longtime Antifa informant. This is someone who works with, employs, and shares information with the members and supporters of the violent Antifa movement: Schoolteacher Kurt Phillips.

The CBC was intending to cooperate with Phillips to conceal his identity, however when facial images were matched up, none other than Kurt Phillips, a Catholic School teacher in Drumheller Alberta was exposed as the mastermind behind ARC Collective.

ARC is a blog that was curated by Phillips until he recently resigned after his mask was removed. Phillips' blog has shared the personal information, addresses, photos of homes, names, and faces of people who Phillips unilaterally determines are “fascists”.

Read the full story here.

CBC accused of spreading racism

Did you ever think you’d see a time when the CBC, our notoriously leftist public broadcaster, would be accused of spreading racism, xenophobia, and “dog-whistle politics?”

A collective of 30 immigrant rights, indigenous rights, and labour organizations have sent an open letter to the CBC Ombudsperson, calling for an investigation into an episode of the CBC program The Fifth Estate titled “Passport babies: The growing shadow industry of Birth Tourism,” which aired January 5th, 2020.

The complaint, sent by Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, claims the CBC’s “Passport babies” episode is spreading “misinformation” that “increases the risk of violence and hatred toward migrants and their families.” Some of the groups that signed off on the complaint include Montreal Antifasciste, Idle No More, and Butterfly Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network.

Read the full story here.

Does CBC blame USA for air tragedy?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Thursday that intelligence obtained by Canada and its allies shows that the commercial aircraft was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile, killing all 176 souls onboard, including 57 Canadians.

When a CBC reporter asked Trudeau if he blamed the U.S. for the crash, Trudeau failed to provide a straight answer or unequivocally reject the idea that the U.S. should be held responsible for the heinous actions of an adversarial government.

CBC’s David Cochrane put the following question to Trudeau: “If the intelligence is accurate, then it seems that this is the end result of a sequence of events that was sparked by the drone strike ordered by the U.S. president. So given the information you have, how much responsibility does the United States bear for this tragedy?”

“Who’s to blame?” asks the CBC’s Andrew Nichols. “Is it the U.S.? Is it Iran? Or is it both?”

Putting the blame for an Iranian missile, launched by the Iranian government, in Iran, on Canada’s closest and most important ally takes a certain level of derangement. But given the repeated line of reasoning by several CBC reporters, that appears to be the editorial position of Canada’s state broadcaster.

Read the full story here.

CBC’s Katie Simpson claim Donald Trump may be responsible

Watch CBC’s Katie Simpson claim Donald Trump may be responsible for the death of 63 Canadians aboard ...

Canada needs CBC whistleblowers

Several months ago I argued with Quillette editor and National Post contributor Jonathan Kay on Twitter about the inherent bias the CBC has for the “natural governing” Liberal Party of Canada.

Kay dismissed my charge that the employees at the CBC are generally in the tank for Trudeau’s Liberals.

I countered that more left-wing individuals at the CBC inevitably get in line when push comes to shove.

I know this is the case because I can still distinctly remember the election bias from the last campaign in 2015.

But the CBC outdid itself this time around.

As the CBC incessantly went on about SoCon issues that would not get any attention in Ottawa if the CPC won, it downplayed real issues like national debt, the SNC-Lavalin scandal and graft.

It’s almost as if Canada needs CBC whistleblowers to expose the political bias and nepotism within the state broadcaster—as just happened to CNN in the U.S.—to reveal just how in the tank its journalists are for the Liberals.

Read the full story here.

The perils of being 'casual’ at the CBC

When Samantha Garvey landed a job at CBC Radio in Kamloops, B.C., in December, 2012, she was so excited that she took two photographs to memorialize the occasion: One of the e-mail with the good news, and another of her new e-mail address. “When I went to journalism school, I didn’t want to work [just anywhere] as a journalist,” she recalled recently. “I wanted to work at CBC. That was the goal.”

But Garvey had gotten only a toehold, landing a spot on the roster of employees known as “casuals” who work week-to-week – or sometimes day-to-day – without any job security.

A little more than five years after taking those celebratory photographs, crushed by the pressures of her precarious employment and with her health suffering, Garvey walked out the door for the last time.

Her experience is a glimpse into the little-seen plight of almost 1,100 non-permanent employees of CBC/Radio-Canada, who sometimes work for years as second-class citizens in vain hopes of securing staff positions.

Read the full story here.

CBC/Radio-Canada programming - Share your ideas

Share your ideas: CBC/Radio-Canada programming

Current status: Open
Start date: November 25, 2019
End date: February 13, 2020

We’re seeking input about the programming of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Société Radio-Canada (CBC/Radio-Canada) as part of the process to renew their broadcasting licences. 

CBC/Radio-Canada’s current licences will expire on August 31, 2020. We want to make sure that the content produced and distributed by CBC/Radio-Canada reflects the diversity of Canada’s population, while meeting its needs in both official languages.

How to participate

There are a few ways you can participate. Keep in mind that we’ll make all submissions public.

Share your ideas online

Fill out the online form by 8 p.m. (ET) on February 13, 2020 to share your comments. You’ll have to agree to our privacy statement first.

Participate by mail

Write a letter to the Secretary General with your ideas and input to the mailing address below.

Send us a fax

Make yourself heard by sending a fax to the number below.

Who is the focus of this consultation

We invite all Canadians to share their views on the content produced and distributed by the national public broadcaster.

Key topics for discussion

We must make sure that CBC/Radio-Canada continues to carry out its mandate so that Canadians have access to predominantly Canadian programming services that:
  • reflect Canadians across the country in both official language communities while meeting their needs and interests
  • reflect the multicultural and multi-ethnic nature of Canada, including Indigenous peoples
  • are of high quality and support Canadian creators and producers
  • are accessible and discoverable in Canada and abroad
  • contribute to democratic life in Canada by providing high-quality and reliable news and information
See the Notice of Consultation for more details before you participate.

Your comments

Take a look at the comments shared so far.

Public hearing

As part of the review, we’ll hold a public hearing in the National Capital Region beginning on May 25, 2020. Everyone is invited to attend. You can also listen to the audio feed of the hearing.

Related information

Contact us


Secretary General
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 0N2


CBC broadcast read more as ad for extremist group

CBC’s The Fifth Estate aired a broadcast on antifa Sunday night, and at times the 30-minute episode read more as an advertisement for the extremist group than an investigative report.

“Right-wing hate is growing everywhere, including Canada. And it is being met with a movement desperate to stamp it out.” Fifth Estate host Gillian Findlay said, introducing antifa. The activists The Fifth Estate utilized for the episode were mostly anonymous.

No mention was made of the antifa assaults on CBC and Global News videographers, and the promises of violence against journalists from Canadian Antifa Black Bloc. And despite montages of politicians warning of the threat of far-right violence, The Fifth Estate also failed to note that both the FBI and Homeland Security in the United States have repeatedly warned of the violent threat posed by antifa.

Read the full story here.

CBC sides with the job killers

CBC sides with the job killers in BC First Nations pipeline protest court case.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we looked at the difference between a CBC article on what was presented as an First Nations pipeline protest and compared it with the facts in the British Columbia court case.

CBC report will astound you

Albertans are staring down the barrel of an unwanted federal carbon tax.

That’s right — even though Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government learned that Canadians see the hugely unpopular carbon tax as a literal cash grab (and that Albertans said no to the tax twice), they still forced it upon us.

Now, the tax — which came into force yesterday — means that Albertans will pay about seven cents more per litre for gasoline and 8.1 cents more per litre for diesel. (It’s tantamount to daylight robbery!)

But have you heard about how they’re trying to sell the idea to Canadians?

The audacity of Trudeau’s lackeys at the CBC will astound you.  Here's the video report:

CBC wasting taxpayer money

CBC’s mandate in the broadcasting act is to “be predominantly and distinctly Canadian, reflect Canada and its regions to national and regional audiences, while serving the special needs of those regions.”

Then again, much of what CBC does falls well outside their mandate.

They run a free music streaming service to compete with private sector offerings like Spotify.

Why are tax dollars being used to let Canadians stream artists like Elton John or Taylor Swift?

For that matter, why did CBC start an online section for opinion columns and build up their online news to compete with every newspaper in the country?

Read the full story here.