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Shock on CBC Yesterday Morning

Oh Canada our home and native land 
True patriot love in all our sons command 
With glowing hearts we see thee rise 
The true north strong and free
From far and wide oh Canada
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep (us safe) our land glorious and free
Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee
Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.

Shock on CBC Yesterday Morning

This is not sent for discussion.  If you agree, forward it..  If you don't, simply ignore it.   By me posting it, you know how I feel.

I bet the response came as a big surprise to CBC to the question :

Do you believe that the word God should stay in Canadian culture?

CBC yesterday morning had a poll on this question. They had the highest number of responses that they have ever had for one of their polls, and the percentage was the same as this:

86% to keep the words “ God Keep our Land” in the National Anthem 14% against
That is a pretty 'commanding' public response.
I was asked to send this on if I agreed or delete if I didn't ..

Now it is your turn.  It is said that 86% of Canadians believe the word  “God” should stay, therefore, I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a mess about having the word “God” in the anthem!

Why is the country catering to this 14%?


If you agree, post it or forward using the tools below, if not, simply ignore.

At least comment!


  1. Why does anyone think there should be references to the supernatural in a national anthem? It looks like the "majority" are gullible fools, because if you think sensibly about it, there's no place at all for all that occult hokum in any intelligent person's life.

    Why can't they leave all that mystical garbage out of the national anthem and just keep it in hymns where it belongs? The national anthem is not a religious ritual -- but if we leave it up to the religious crackpots, they'll want to insert their own personal religious beliefs everywhere they can. What nerve! They should keep that crap in church, where you can choose to go -- or NOT.

    1. FYI, this land was founded on those principals and beliefs. If you have a problem with it leave, cause we don't want you here! That's the point you ignorant nerd you do have a choice to church or not, i assume that's why you here in the first place. How about you and your little legion quit your whining about how GOD is used. Hell I don't even believe in him and I am suppose to be catholic. Grow up and realize that this is based on traditions from way back in the day before you little ragamuffin was even a think in your mommy's belly.

      If it was for the way this country turned out you'd be in some eastern country and have your tongue cut off for blasphemy you fool!

      God has always been in the National Anthem and should always be, and will continue to be.

      Those of you people who think it should be removed.... well I think you should be removed out of Canada, land of the free to do, think, say as you want!

      I'm a little tired today and little nasty. But it really gets me going.

    2. Believing in GOD has nothing to do with principals. I for one could care less if GOD is in the anthem, it's a song, no one lives their lives by the lyrics of a song.

      It's also incredibly stupid to do something only because it's a tradition.. that's like saying I always vote Liberal because my parents always voted Liberal. If people followed the 'traditions', we'd still have slavery, women wouldn't vote etc. I for one hope people think for themselves for a change.

    3. Regardless of whether some people feel that belief in God is mythical or irrelevent, the vast majority of people and cultures in the world ... including this country, believe that He or some form of deity exists. Apparently, Canadians believe it's valid to mention Him in our national anthem. Why then should the majority of Canadians have to cater to the view of the minority who don't believe in God? Welcome to democracy. And welcome to our common belief to a set of judeo-christian moral absolutes which states unequivocably that murder, theft, pedophilia, slavery, rape, etc are immoral and thus unacceptable. People who deny any Higher Authority but who hold to and benefit from those beliefs do so on a purely subjective basis. Your values, like those of the Nazis etc, are merely personal and change according to whims, desires, and popular opinion. We believe in God and the knowledge of right & wrong that He's communicated to humanity. That's what empowers democracy and prevents the majority from simply killing those who disagree with them.

  2. The blog is infromative.. But can you please give reference to this supposed poll on CBC or any other legitimate website..
    Fifth Estate Concept

    1. Here is the url ...

  3. "Unknown" sounds a crackpot as any of the Bible Thumpers ... I don't believe in the God thing, but it is pretty well accepted as part of Oh, Canada. Quint or silly, it should stay because of its historical and philosophical implications.

    But, I do agree with him that I would like to see where the polls stats come from. There IS a poll that was done to see who agrees that the song needs changing, but God is NOT specified. It is agreed by over 86% of the 1500 respondents felt Oh, Canada should stay as it is. It can be found here. but you have to vote first before you can see the results:

  4. The positive aspect of this poll is that only a meager 11.58% (@Jan 31, 2012) of the poll respondents are devoid of any spiritual values.

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  6. Here is the url ...

  7. And here is the url of the poll ...

  8. Just because I visited this site does not mean I agree with what the site says, I can't find out if I agree or not with out visiting the site so my visit shouldn't be one of the legs the site stands on.
    We are all wired to be subjective, the real challenge is to write OBJECTIVELY.
    The fact is, I still haven't decided about this site.
    I believe in God and I love Canada, but part of my Canadian-ism is strong love for the CBC. Not necessarily their ability to report news objectively, but they do lots of other things that I love: Rick Mercer, George Strombo. Christmas broadcasts, Vinyl Cafe, even the daily time signal.

  9. "If I agree?" With what proff? What studies were done? Who was the head of this study? Where was this study performed? How Nieve do you think I am CBC?

    Empirical evidence pleace!

  10. This whole thing is a copy-cat of an old America hoax email (nearly identical!). These people can't even come up with original misinformation!

    Who runs this blog anyway? Fox News perhaps?

    1. I believe you are right it sounds like a right wing fundamentalist hoax!

  11. What a bunch of CRAP.....

    First of all "God" was ADDED in 1968, secondly "Oh Canada" has only been our national anthem since 1980.

    The link this blog offers does NOT refer to taking "God" out of the national is a LIE.

    This blog is nothing more than the LUNATIC southern "Christian" Right-Wing nuts infecting Canadian politics and policy ala Harper and his Koch brother and Rupert Murdoch secret meetings and associations.

    Of COURSE this blog wants to get rid of CBC to make way for Murdoch's "SUN" broadcasting....nice try.

    "Get ready to memorize new words to the national anthem.

    Parliament is to be asked to review the "original gender-neutral wording of the national anthem," says the throne speech delivered yesterday.

    O Canada includes the lyrics "true patriot love in all thy sons command," and there may be interest in changing that line to something more inclusive.

    O Canada, with music composed by Calixa Lavallée in 1880, became the national anthem in 1980, replacing God Save The Queen."

  12. I don't know why people believe this crap. I smell a hoax as soon as my neighbor sends it and he never questions it's validity. I don't believe in God but he doesn't know that. I always send him snopes response and it's always false.

  13. Why exclude anybody?
    There are so many different kinds of Canadians and all should be served by our government (and anthem!), whether they believe in the supernatural, or not.
    The argument for the "majority" wanting God in the anthem is unsound. Do you think the majority in Alabama wanted slavery abolished back in the day? Exclusion is wrong, regardless of the wishes of a majority.
    And, if you do subscribe to the majority argument, be careful what you wish for, as non-believers are the fastest growing group around!

  14. The CBC is a great institution that unifies our great nation of Canada. What right wing corporations and organizations fund your weird site? You must be having a tough time finding CBC stories to trash when you're putting up straw men from three years ago like this story.

  15. CBC is the most biased tax gulping one sided station on this planet. you talk about changing all this stuff including the anthem. Government support and so on, but you think we should pay for CBC tv station when all other tv stations have to pay their own bills. Make up your mind.
    thats why people argue with you your all over the place.