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CBC challenged on story in Venezuela

This is an opinion piece submitted to us following a story published by the CBC.  They wanted to present a very different side to the story that the CBC put forward.

We welcome stories from our readers when they feel that the CBC has wrongly portrayed events in their opinion and want our readers to make up their minds when all sides of the story are presented.

I was shocked when I read the tweet from a Canadian news company, CBC blaming the opposition for trying to stage a coup in Venezuela, my country.

Considering, as we all know, the statement from the Canadian Government regarding Venezuela, this article left me a bit perplexed:

Venezuela is a rich country, although paradoxically dying of hunger, lack of medicines, and social disregard by the government.

Ever since Hugo Chavez started governing my country, companies were expropiated, private properties taken away from their rightful owners so “the people” could use them. You can turn to the news and check what the situation of those properties, then seized by the government is now: Non-productive and abandoned because “the people” lacked the expertise to take care of anything they were given, and in turn the government could not care less, already having met its goal: it had already sent the message that it cared for the less fortunate in Venezuela, but it was all a façade: it kept making them poorer by the day. All Chavez pretended was to give the idea of taking care of the less fortunate when all he wanted was power and riches.

Where Chavez did well was at making friends: He made sure all his revolutionary neighbors had substantial help from him, giving oil at ridiculous terms, mostly in exchange of loyalty. He used Venezuela as his personal wallet. This fortuneless man ended up amassing one of the biggest fortunes of Latin America. During his time in office, Venezuela started to be known for drug traficking.
When Maduro arrived in power, his only merit was having been appointed by Chavez. It was apparent that this clueless man with no studies had an impossible task to accomplish: inflation ratse were soaring, the militias were everywhere cand ontrolling everything. Day in and day out, much like his predecessor, he claimed that somebody, somewhere was staging a coup d’état against him, he accussed Spain, the USA, Colombia, any country could be guilty, just seach on youtube: “Maduro Acusa”:

I could keep on adding links, maybe one per month ever since he first sat in office, 4 years ago.
As everyone knows, drug trafficking has become a major issue in Venezuela: two nephews of Venezuela’s first lady are awaiting sentence for drug trafficking into the United States. Tareck al Aisami, Vicepresident of Venezuela, is suspected to be a drug lord; he is actually facing many sanctions from USA’s Government. 

Another one of the big names in Venezuela is Diosdado Cabello, he is a military man and a polititian. He was the President of the National Assembly until Dec 2015 there are many reports on him for being a member of the drug cartel “El Cartel de los Soles”

On January 17th 2017, Mr Cabello said that “No more elections will be held, what we will have is even more revolution” 

The government shows pictures of young masked students throwing pebbles at national guards, they must have their face covered or else they go detained just by being in the street. And if they throw pebbles or return the gas bombs they are thrown at is only because they have no means of defending themselves under the constant agression of the government and militia forces.

The government declares my country as a democracy. Yet why are they even holding political prisoners and why do they forbid visits to them from both their families and their legal representatives? There are documents ordering the release of many prisoners and yet they are still incarcerated. There is permission granted to Lilian Tintori to visit opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and yet she has not been able to see him for the las 32 days.

All Venezuela wants is Humanitarian help: food, medicines, release and political rehabilitation of political prisioners, Peace and Freedom. If violence escalates, we Venezuelans, hold the government responsible.

The government calls it a revolution, talks about war. But we say, war is when both sides are armed.

What I clearly see in Venezuela is GENOCIDE.

* I asked permission to a journalist, Pableysa Ostos, to post a picture taken by her in Puerto Ordaz.

Respectfully submitted,

Carmen F.

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